"Mode is a collaborative analytics platform that connects people with data. It's built by analysts, for analysts. Analysts and data scientists use Mode to explore data using SQL, create shareable reports, and deliver insights. Analytics teams at fast-growing, data-driven companies easily turn one-off answers into lightweight analytical tools that empower business users. And rather than getting bogged down by redundant work, analysts who use Mode spend time more on proactive, high-impact research."

"We like Amazon Redshift as much as our customers do—which is a lot. A large portion of Mode's customers use Redshift because it's easy set up, maintain, and scale. Redshift is rapidly becoming the go-to option for data warehousing at companies of all sizes. And since it supports many useful analytical functions, it's a perfect fit for analysts looking to solve tough business problems without compromising analytical methods or query response times."

"It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up for Mode, connect to Amazon Redshift, and start writing queries. Once connected, Mode stores your analytics team's queries, reports, and work history together in one place to reduce duplicative work and facilitate sharing. Query schedules help you reduce overall database load and get even more out of the already-stellar analytical firepower Amazon Redshift offers."

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