"Birst is the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics. The company helps organizations make thousands of decisions better, every day, for every person. Birst's patented 2-tier data architecture and comprehensive BI platform sits on top of all of your data, to unify, refine and embed data consistently into every individual decision-up and down the org chart. Thousands of the most demanding businesses trust Birst Cloud BI to make metric-driven business execution a reality. Learn more at www.birst.com and join the conversation @birstbi."

"We love Amazon Redshift. When coupled with Birst, our customers get a 2- tier data architecture and a BI layer that delivers business results faster than ever before. This combination results in superior query performance and scalability on datasets ranging from hundreds of gigabytes to a petabyte and more."


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Brad Peters

"Birst tightly integrates with Amazon Redshift, automatically instantiating and maintaining a relational data warehouse instance. No DBAs are required to create tables and write load scripts. Birst compiles a logical dimensional model into a modern star schema design and then generates and maintains load scripts, fact and dimension tables all in a Redshift cluster. Birst doesn’t simply connect to and query Redshift for presentation purposes. Birst leverages the raw power of Redshift for data processing, maximizing speed, scale, and performance."