“Periscope is the ultimate data visualization tool for the professional SQL analyst. Periscope's in-memory data cache gives you an average of 150X speedup on the queries you're already running. Intuitive cloud-based sharing features allow you to quickly share data throughout your organization and embed charts and dashboards in your own application. Finally, Periscope has the most advanced visualization options on the market, so the professional analyst can customize her calculations and visualizations as much as necessary.”

"Amazon Redshift is a game-changer in the data warehousing market. Speed is a huge part of Periscope's value to customers, so we appreciate the way Redshift has 10X'd price/performance over other warehouses. Finally, Redshift is an integral part of the technology stack that allows Periscope to deliver 150X+ speedups to customers.”

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Connect Periscope to Amazon Redshift for a 7-day free trial. Your trial includes unlimited users, sharing and embedding, as well as full use of Periscope's innovative in-memory cache, delivering 150X average query speedups!

Harry Glaser,
Co-Founder and CEO

"Periscope plugs directly into your Amazon Redshift database to let you run, save, and share analyses over billions of data rows in seconds. When customers use Amazon Redshift with Periscope, we leverage Redshift's UNLOAD and COPY features to keep our cache up-to-date within minutes. Put it all together, and with Periscope, you can stop waiting overnight for your queries to run. Get the answers you need now.”

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