"SiSense Prism is built to offer Big Data Analytics technology for any size business, without requiring deep technical skills, huge budgets, or expensive hardware. SiSense’s software package provides everything a business needs to get insights from Big Data: a high performance analytical database, simple data extraction ("ETL"), and web-based data visualization. SiSense has customers in 49 countries, including Target, Merck, ESPN and NASA, and was named Top Big Data company by CIO Magazine, CRN Magazine and Inc. Magazine in June 2013."

"We believe that working with Amazon Redshift allows customers of all sizes to work with data at scale for a very low cost. Amazon's business model and approach to the Big Data and Data warehousing market is disruptive and aligns well with SiSense's go-to-market approach."

Eldad Farkash

"SiSense customers use Prism on Amazon Redshift to create beautiful web visualizations on top of an ultra-fast analytic data service that can handle petabytes of data – all delivered with the ease of use and cost advantages of the cloud. Using SiSense's direct connectivity to Amazon Redshift, customers of all sizes can build reports and analytics in hours, not days. They can combine Redshift with any other data from Google Analytics to Salesforce.com to SQL Server to Hive and build compelling business intelligence applications on top of Big Data. Check out a demo of our solution in the video below."