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Organizations are looking to become more agile so they can innovate and respond to change faster, and deliver better customer outcomes. This is where modern application development starts.

Modern applications built with a combination of new architecture patterns, operational models, and software delivery processes allow businesses to innovate faster while reducing risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership.

Register for Modern Application Development On-Demand, and learn the skills to design, build and deploy modern applications. Uncover how to scale and update as the code base grows and why applications built with modular independent components is making applications easier to scale, develop and enabling innovation and accelerating time-to-market. 

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  • Sessions and Synopsis
  • Sessions & Synopsis
    Sessions & Synopsis

    45 mins
    The Art of the State: Fully-managed service orchestration powered by state machines

    Speaker: Gabe Hollombe - Senior Technical Evangelist, AWS
    Microservice architectures give us increased agility and scale, but as they grow they can become complicated to coordinate and debug. In this session, we review the common service coordination patterns, and see how AWS Step Functions helps us to quickly build fully-managed and resilient workflows powered by easy-to-understand state machines.

    The session includes Architecture Quick Chat: Controlling the flow with state machines, featuring whiteboarding discussions on key concepts.

    25 mins
    Event-driven Microservice architecture with Amazon EventBridge

    Speaker: Matt Fitzgerald - Principal Technical Evangelist, AWS
    Event-driven architectures allow us to build large, scalable, loosely coupled, distributed systems without the need to define arbitrarily complex contracts between components. In this session, we will take a look at this architectural pattern in more detail, we’ll look at event emitters, channels and sinks, and how these concepts map to Amazon EventBridge to enable us to quickly and easily take advantage of event-driven architectures.

    Modernize and Monetize your data platform

    In this session learn how AWS delivers an integrated suite of services that provide everything needed to handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different types of data and analytics approaches to gain deeper insights, in ways that traditional data silos and data warehouses cannot. This session also showcase how AWS customers are using AWS data and analytics services for easy access to all relevant data, without compromising on security or governance.

    Duration: 15 mins

    Relational databases on AWS - Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, or Amazon Aurora?

    When you deploy your databases on AWS you have a choice of using our compute technology, Amazon EC2, or managed services for different use cases such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for relational databases, Amazon DynamoDB for key-value and Amazon Neptune for graph. In this session we will look at the differences of deploying a relational database on-premises, on Amazon EC2, and on Amazon RDS (including Amazon Aurora) to help you choose the right option for your applications.

    Duration: 35 mins

    Building next-generation data lakes, data warehouse, and analytics on AWS

    Putting the right data in the hands of users traditionally required a lot of heavy lifting in terms of extracting, preparing, staging, securing, and serving information. Learn how you can easily build and govern a next-generation data lake and data warehouse on AWS using Amazon S3, AWS Redshift, AWS Glue, and the coming ML-enabled AWS Lake Formation. Also learn how you can provide insights to data analysts using services such as Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight.

    Duration: 40 mins

  • Speakers
  • Gabe Hollombe - Senior Technical Evangelist, AWS

    Gabe Hollombe 

    Senior Technical Evangelist,

    Matt Fitzgerald - Principal Technical Evangelist, AWS

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Senior Manager, Developer Advocacy,

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More and more organizations are designing, developing, and running their applications on AWS than anywhere else. Customers like Finra, edmunds, palringo, Air Asia, 21st Century Fox, and more are trusting AWS to accelerate their pace of innovation and time to market.

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