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Winners will be announced on or around December 15, 2017.

It’s easy to build real-time, IoT applications using AWS services. You can use Amazon Kinesis along with AWS IoT to quickly and reliably stream data from devices into AWS for analytics, then instruct those devices what to do next, or trigger other actions. AWS IoT can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to AWS endpoints or to other devices reliably and securely. Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to ingest, process, and analyze sensor data as it arrives as well as ingest data directly from devices or from AWS IoT.

■  Connect and manage your devices
■  Secure device connections and data
■  Trigger actions on device data

■  Process IoT data in real-time
■  Send instant alerts or take other actions
■  Load processed data to data stores

AWS IoT and Amazon Kinesis how to

The first step in building an IoT app is generating the sensor data. Bring your own sensor data or use our simulators to produce the data you need. Use the Amazon Kinesis Data Generator and send sample data directly to Amazon Kinesis, or the AWS IoT Data Simulator to produce and send data to AWS IoT. You can also use one of the public datasets. Next, read our blog post on how to build an IoT application on AWS and download our sample code to build your app — no need to start from scratch. Watch the AWS IoT App Challenge Kick Off where we will walk you through all of the steps of this challenge. Lastly, develop your app and submit it for the challenge.