IT executives are required to look for ways to execute migration in the most timely and reliable manner. Organizations migrating to the cloud cannot risk application downtime or productivity loss.

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  • AWS tools and resources for SAP Migration
  • Running SAP HANA on AWS
  • How to design highly available architecture to support mission critical SAP workloads
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IDC interviewed organizations around the world running various enterprise workloads on AWS. Analysis shows that these AWS customers are achieving strong value at an average of $20.97 million per year per organization over five years.

Read this paper to learn how these customers are using AWS that enables their business to be more agile and cost effective.

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Growing numbers of organizations have already supercharged the performance, flexibility, and security of their SAP applications while simultaneously cutting their costs by moving their SAP instances to AWS.

Read this paper to learn why customers are deploying SAP on AWS.

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Capacity Planning

Learn how to plan your AWS resources and what to consider when migrating SAP workloads, and under the AWS architecture supports SAP systems.

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SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition on AWS uses a bring-your-own-license model for the SAP software components.

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Deployment Options

SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition can be easily deployed on the AWS cloud using standard SAP S/4HANA installation process.

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Best practices and guidelines for implementing and operating SAP solutions on AWS.

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High Availability

Protect the application from various single points of failure. Learn how features native to the AWS platform in combination with SAP installation techniques can greatly improve the availability of an SAP deployment.

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Discusses options for setting up a highly available and disaster-tolerant SAP HANA system on AWS

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Backup and Recovery

Backup SAP systems running on AWS. This guide focuses on the essential differences in backing up SAP systems on AWS as compared to traditional infrastructure

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