Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP are working together to offer enterprises a number of solutions for migrating and deploying their enterprise applications on the AWS cloud. Customers can launch entire enterprise software stacks from SAP on the AWS cloud, allowing enterprises to run their business seamlessly on the AWS cloud, verified and certified by SAP to run on AWS.


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Configurable infrastructure resources designed to deliver optimized capacity on demand.

Deploying SAP enterprise applications on the AWS Cloud eliminates the complexity often incurred in on-premise deployments.  Running SAP on the AWS Cloud can reduce the total cost of ownership (“TCO”) by up to 71%, compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure¹

The AWS Cloud meets a multitude of security and compliance standards, offers a reliable SAP-certified cloud platform for the most mission critical enterprise applications and workloads.

SAP on AWS allows IT to focus on delivering value to the business and increase productivity, instead of working to just 'keep the lights on'.

The AWS Cloud is designed for failure, and is ready to failover in ANY instance, whether it's a natural disaster or simply a human, manual misconfiguration.

The AWS Cloud supports standard Windows Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server images, providing many options for installing SAP solutions.

SAP HANA is now available on a larger cr1 and r3.8xlarge Instance types optimized to deliver high memory performance on the AWS Cloud for any HANA-based use case. SAP HANA has been certified by SAP to run on both Amazon EC2 cr1 and r3.8xlarge Instance types with support for production on a variety of configurations from 244GB up to 1.22TB.

We invite you to experience the full value of running SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud by applying for an AWS Promotional Credit of up to US$1,000. You may also apply for a trial offer of SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on HANA provided by SAP or purchase the SAP HANA infrastructure subscription on AWS located on the SAP HANA Marketplace. If you have an existing license of SAP HANA already you may utilize the SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud Quick Start Reference Deployment guide. You must have access to the an active SAP HANA license with license key to use the guide.

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Already own SAP enterprise application licenses but interested on running those applications on AWS?  AWS allows you to bring your own licenses, and eliminates the cost of having to purchase more. 

AWS is completely self-service and you only pay for the resources that you use. With AWS you don’t need to wait days, weeks or even months for capital to be approved and infrastructure to be procured, deployed and configured. Whether it's SAP HANA, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation on HANA, or SAP Business One, you can deploy the infrastructure needed to support a complete SAP environment in minutes on AWS.

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To learn more about SAP or SAP HANA, please visit our resources page for whitepapers on getting started and quickstart deployment guides.

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With SAP Cloud Appliance Library on AWS, you can quickly deploy SAP demo, test, and training solutions in the cloud. Now you can spend more time on evaluation, innovation, and differentiating your business - and less on installation, setup, and configuration. SAP Cloud Appliance Library allows you to easily access and manage SAP solution instances through a web-based, self-service portal. In fact, with SAP Cloud Appliance Library, you can start working directly with SAP systems in under an hour.

To learn more about or to register for the SAP Cloud Appliance Library solution, visit the SAP Cloud Appliance Library page.

If you do not want to implement or manage your SAP environment on AWS yourself, AWS has a network of SAP partners that can provide services specifically tailored to SAP and AWS.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) contains SAP partners that can provide both SAP consulting and managed services on the AWS platform to help you reduce the time-to-value of a SAP implementation or project and to help you maximize the benefits of the AWS platform.

To learn more about the types of services offered by AWS Partners or to find an APN Partner, who may specialize in SAP please visit the SAP Competency Partners page.