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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles deployed SAP S/4HANA, hosted by AWS, as the foundation of its digital transformation to support company-wide compliance practices for all its component plants.


Bringing new drugs to market can take a decade and cost in excess of $1 billion. Biotech company Moderna Therapeutics achieved uncommon speed and volume of preclinical drug development, and avoided millions in on-premises data-center costs.

Logo Engie

As an international energy provider, ENGIE structures its activities around the three key sectors of electricity, natural gas, and energy services. ENGIE decided to upgrade their SAP deployment to S/4HANA to meet their time and scalability needs, using AWS to host their development environment.


Delivery Hero is changing the way food delivery works through cutting edge technology. Over four months, the team worked with msg services to transition and migrate its SAP systems from on-premises to AWS. Delivery Hero now runs 18 SAP systems on AWS, including a 3-tier SAP S/4HANA system and a 3-tier BW S/4HANA system within an Amazon VPC.  


Visy has increased the performance of its business-critical SAP environment by moving to AWS. They have increased database performance by 28%, and application performance by 46%.


msg global solutions is a leading international IT partner for the insurance and banking industry. msg’s on-premises IT infrastructure was not able to deploy quickly enough and provide the level of performance required by their growing business.


When Royal Flora Holland's old financial accounting and reporting system came to the end of its support contract in late 2016, van de Wijnboom and his colleagues decided to move to SAP S/4HANA to bring it in line with their existing SAP Hybris billing system.


LTI is running SAP S/4HANA on the AWS Cloud, enabling the company to scale the environment in minutes. LTI uses EC2 instances to support the applications and database, Amazon EBS for storage, Amazon S3 for backups, and AWS Lambda for optimization.


Using AWS, Mitsui Coal Holdings ensures 99.99% uptime for its SAP S/4HANA environment and delivers key performance indicator reports in seconds.


Union Medical Healthcare (UMH) can produce key financial reports 50% faster while giving executives real-time insight into the company’s business performance with SAP S/4HANA Finance running on AWS.


DoHome operates as a retail and wholesale store. Utilizing services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon VPC, and best practices have helped reduce DoHome's go-to-market time and improved availability, so they can better serve their customers.


Zalora, an e-retailer in Southeast Asia, uses AWS services to refresh their SAP S/4HANA environment in a serverless manner. This automation with AWS services like AWS Step Functions, AWS System Manager, and AWS Lambda has helped them reduce their SAP system refresh time from five to two days and to improve refresh quality.


Hoping to realize global information visualization, system/information cooperation with clients, and speedy support for business and organizational restructuring, Sumitomo Chemical chose to run SAP S/4HANA on AWS as their application infrastructure.


Roo Hsing turned to eCloudvalley as an advisor and MSP to help begin its cloud journey and migrate to SAP S/4HANA on AWS. Roo Hsing’s migration marked the first successful SAP S/4HANA migration in Taiwan.


Brigade Group needed a highly available, cost-effective, and scalable IT infrastructure to run its SAP S/4HANA environment. By using AWS, Brigade Group expects to reduce the total cost of ownership for SAP S/4HANA by 25% over the next five years.


Hassan Allam Holding is a leading Egyptian engineering and construction group who, more recently, has focused on spearheading Egypt’s digital growth. They wanted the infrastructure within the Egypt and the MENA regions to be able to deliver cloud-based products and services. With the help of APN Partner Linke, they implemented SAP S/4HANA ERP in the cloud with AWS, cutting issue response time from two or three days to a few hours.



Brooks Brothers, one of the leading fashion retailers in the U.S., needed a more agile way of deploying infrastructure for projects. Using X1 memory optimized instances on AWS for SAP HANA, Brooks Brothers quickly scaled to support their global market, deploy a new SAP CRM application, resulting in quicker, more cost-effective deployments and support faster iteration on upstream digital systems.


Insurance company AIG migrated from an on-premise system to the SAP HANA business data platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The team was able to use various technologies to migrate SAP ERP, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Fiori UX, SAP Process Integration, SAP Master Data Governance, and SAP GRC solutions to AWS.


The Kellogg Company has been producing cereal and other breakfast fare for a worldwide audience for more than 100 years. The company needed a more robust application to track and model promotional costs. They are now running SAP HANA on AWS, a move that will save $900,000 in IT costs over 5 years and speed deployment by 90% compared to traditional data center solutions.


Ferrara has built a coherent, stable reporting and analytics platform based on SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA on AWS.


By migrating SAP HANA workloads to the AWS Cloud, Ayala Land has seen an increase in performance by as much as 40%, and it projects 24% cost savings over the next 5 years compared to running SAP HANA on premises.


AWS introduced Ávoris to Linke Information Technology (Linke IT), an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, to support the SAP migration. Ávoris’s infrastructure consists of large Amazon EC2 instances to support SAP applications, including SAP HANA.


By migrating to AWS, CIC reduces the costs of IT between 30% and 50% while increasing the number of IT projects that it completes a year by 40%. CIC is a leading manufacturer in the Philippines of air conditioners and refrigerators. The company has migrated all its IT systems to the AWS Cloud and runs business-critical applications such as SAP HANA on Amazon EC2 instances. CIC is also integrating smart technology into its products, with AWS IoT providing the backbone infrastructure for processing data from millions of sensors on CIC appliances out in the field.


msg global solutions is a leading international IT partner for the insurance and banking industry. msg’s on-premises IT infrastructure was not able to deploy quickly enough and provide the level of performance required by their growing business.


FirstGroup plc is a provider of transport services in the United Kingdom and North America. During 2017, approximately two billion passengers relied on FirstGroup for transportation. FirstGroup upgraded to SAP BW to run on SAP HANA for two reasons: HANA’s performance and statistical capabilities. The result was a 20x improvement in SAP application performance compared to the on-premises environment, a 7x improvement in performance during peak times, and can now do a full database backup on AWS every night in three hours.  

SAP Business Suite / ERP on AWS


BP’s Information & Technology Services (IT&S) organization manages many SAP applications used by thousands of employees globally. BP has seen significant savings in annual licensing, support and maintenance costs by running the lubricants SAP ECC system on AWS.


Because of a corporate drive toward application consolidation, cost reduction, and the need for more business agility to respond to increasing requests from internal SAP users, Lockheed Martin moved its SAP ERP on HANA test and development systems to the cloud.


Coca-Cola İçecek cut the cost of running its SAP environment by up to 60% while speeding up reporting and decision making by using AWS. The firm is the fifth-largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world and employs 10,000 people across 10 countries. With help from AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Lemongrass Consulting, it migrated SAP ECC from a hosted data center to AWS, and is using services such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS.


Compass Group UK, a food and support service provider in the UK and Ireland runs SAP payroll systems on AWS. In just over two years they’ve reduced their data center footprint by 60–70 percent, while building a more resilient system, reduce the size of their database from 6.8 TB to 2.6 TB on AWS through the reorganization of the SAP database completed during the export/import process and legacy data archiving.


AGC uses AWS to reduce operational costs by 40%, set up new servers in days instead of two months, and give IT more time to focus on new corporate initiatives. The company, which is part of AGC Group, is the largest glass manufacturer in the world and specializes in architectural and automotive glass products. AGC migrated a total of 92 critical applications, including its SAP ERP system, to the AWS Cloud.


Kellogg’s is using AWS to increase reliability, improve performance, and conduct faster replication of its mission-critical SAP environments. Kellogg’s is a renowned, 100-year-old consumer foods company that selected AWS to help reduce the costs and overhead associated with managing its traditional IT infrastructure. A key step in Kellogg’s cloud journey was migrating its Asia Pacific SAP environment running on Oracle to AWS with zero unplanned downtime across five countries and leveraging multiple Availability Zones. Moving forward, Kellogg’s is planning future SAP deployments in Europe and moving other strategic applications to the AWS Cloud.


Superior Group needed a new infrastructure platform to replace its aging on-premises hardware infrastructure to solve performance and scalability problems, and to meet its disaster recovery needs.


Using AWS, Pacific Inter-Link Group (PIL Group) reduces the TCO for its SAP environment by 70% and expects to save $650,000 in hardware expenses in the first three years of migrating to the cloud. PIL Group manufactures, trades, and markets palm-oil-related products, and provides logistics services around the world. The company now runs its SAP systems on Amazon EC2 instances operating in Amazon VPC environments across multiple Availability Zones. All of the company’s daily and weekly backups are held in Amazon S3 buckets.


CSS Corp provides technology support for enterprise and consumer products, manages IT infrastructures, and deploys networks. CSS Corp has recently deployed its SAP ERP on HANA using AWS.


GulfMark Offshore, Inc. is a global energy services company that owns, operates, and manages a fleet of more than 70 offshore support vessels for oil and gas customers. By moving its SAP workloads to AWS, GulfMark has been able to reduce its operating costs.


Spain-based firm Wanup uses AWS services, including Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, in a highly secure virtual network to help achieve the capacity and performance it needs to support business growth.


Kyowa Hakko Kirin has been using AWS for a variety of workloads since 2011 and have recently migrated their production SAP ERP system to the AWS Cloud.


Seaco engaged with Lemongrass Consulting to move their infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. The company chose AWS based on factors such as cost, security, agility, performance, and trust.


By migrating its SAP Business Suite and disaster recovery environments to AWS, Hoya saves up to to 60% on IT costs when compared to its previous private cloud environment.


Brazilian biotech company GranBio needed an infrastructure that would enable it to go to market quickly. By launching its SAP ERP system on AWS, the company decreased its time to market by 3 months, improved capacity, and sped up development while keeping costs low.


Galata Chemicals, an additives producer based in Connecticut, wanted to lower IT costs while maintaining a disaster recovery solution for their SAP ERP system. Galata worked with Protera Technologies to move Galata’s disaster recovery solution to AWS, saving time and reducing operational costs by approximately 70% when compared to an on-premises solution.


Viskase, a worldwide supplier of casing solutions for the food industry, collaborated with Protera Technologies to implement an SAP disaster recovery (DR) solution. With a 24-hour, 7-day worldwide operation, Viskase needed a solution that would have limited downtime with reasonable costs. Viskase realized a 1-hour restore time and anticipates a 50% cost savings running the DR solution on AWS.


Bart & Associates' 400 consultants provide expert enterprise software solutions to a broad range of U.S. government and commercial clients. As the company grew, it partnered with AWS consulting partner Monocle to replace its legacy applications with SAP enterprise software in the AWS Cloud (hosted on SAP HANA) and is now running SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP Business Objects, and other SAP modules on AWS. Since the migration, Bart & Associates has rapidly accelerated project timelines while obtaining a cost-effective platform for its SAP environment.


Kellogg’s Europe runs logistics and finance reports 60% faster, operates more efficiently, and supports corporate growth initiatives by running SAP on AWS. The company, part of Kellogg’s global business, manufactures and distributes breakfast cereals and snacks across Europe. Kellogg’s Europe runs several business-critical SAP modules on the AWS Cloud.


By using Amazon Web Services, RWE Czech Republic is enabling growth, improving IT services to the business, and reducing operational expenses by 12% compared to its previous data center environment.


After shutting down its own data center due to flood risk, innogy Czech needed to make a choice. In keeping with the organization’s cloud-first strategy it decided to migrate its SAP human resources, IS-U, CRM and BO/BW systems to the AWS Cloud.


AWS Consulting Providers, Protera Technologies and Savantis Group, helped Merrifield Garden Center use SAP on the AWS Cloud to reduce costs, improve the stability and security of their applications and data, and eliminate the burden of managing IT infrastructure hardware so they can focus on new customer-facing initiatives to grow their business.


Macmillan India needed to move its SAP system from an on-premises data center to improve distribution of textbooks to students. By moving to AWS, Macmillan India has boosted SAP system availability to almost 100% and expects a 30% reduction in OPEX year over year.


Growmark faced challenges in its cloud-hosting environment when SAP applications did not perform as expected and the hosting service faltered, presenting risks to the company. APN Partner Lemongrass Consulting helped Growmark migrate more than a dozen mission-critical SAP applications to AWS in a 4-month window, allowing for system resiliency and flexibility to support future growth.

SAP Hybris on AWS


The GE Oil & Gas cloud migration project is helping the General Electric division achieve a 52% decrease in IT costs, greater speed to market, and the agility to compete even better in an industry that is experiencing immense market challenges.


Utilizing services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon VPC, and following best practices have helped reduce DoHome's go-to-market time and improved availability, so they can better serve their customers.


The AWS Cloud provides Rent-A-Center (RAC) with elasticity to support spikes in user traffic, higher availability using Amazon RDS, and the ability to meet its PCI-compliance requirements.


Travis Perkins plc is a leading UK builders’ merchant and home-improvement retailer that comprises 21 businesses, including Wickes, Tile Giant, and Benchmarx. By migrating their SAP Hybris environment to the AWS Cloud, they have increased performance, reduced time to provision infrastructure, and reduced costs, compared with their on-premises infrastructure.


AWS introduced Ávoris to Linke Information Technology (Linke IT), an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, to support the SAP migration. Ávoris’s infrastructure consists of large Amazon EC2 instances to support SAP applications, including SAP HANA.


The White Company worked with Piksel Retail to migrate their SAP Hybris Commerce to Piksel Retail’s DC2 platform on AWS. As a result, they saw a 65 percent reduction in average customer response times and a 44 percent uplift in traffic. In addition, they can now accept four times the volume of traffic to its site without performance degradation.

SAP BusinessObjects on AWS


IATA migrated its SAP BusinessObjects BI platform to AWS, and runs web, application and database tiers of the solution, with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 as its database engine, on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.


News UK has been producing newspapers since 1787 including publications such as The Sun, The Times, and The Sunday Times. Moving many of its enterprise applications to AWS has increased the publisher’s speed and agility, enabling it to initiate projects on the same day they’re approved, rather than waiting for months to provision hardware.


Ferrara has built a coherent, stable reporting and analytics platform based on SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services.

SAP Business One on AWS


Running an SAP Business One cloud solution with SAP HANA on AWS has enabled Blue Ocean Systems to provide powerful ERP and business intelligence capabilities to small and midsize businesses.


Whitebox needed an infrastructure provider for their SAP Business One system that could support its proposed growth, minimize costs, and meet its stringent availability and performance requirements.


Exeter Family Friendly is a specialist insurer based in Exeter, UK that serves more than 70,000 customers worldwide with healthcare and protection insurance. The company runs its SAP Business One system along with other applications on the AWS cloud.


After succesfully migrating its website and other applications to AWS, Wego decided to also migrate its SAP Business One environment to AWS.


Working with G–Asiapacific, a Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), KTC migrated its SAP Business One application, Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) application, and Multidocs document management software to AWS.


Comba Telecom migrated their SAP Business One environment to AWS and has calculated that the TCO to run on AWS is around 40 percent lower than deploying on internal infrastructure.


Cloud Comrade provides tools and expertise to enable businesses and government organizations migrate to the cloud. Its consulting services include technical advice and assistance, advice on the cloud’s role in business strategy, and user training.