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A global leader in electrification, automation, and digitization, Siemens AG has driven innovation across industries for nearly 175 years. Siemens uses an array of AWS services to carry on that tradition of transformation—bringing IIOT to railways and factories, developing intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, implementing AI into its cybersecurity platform, and more.



Siemens Builds Data Lake 2 Go to Manage Data for 300,000 Associates in over 200 Countries

In the video, hear from Hanna Hennig, Siemens CIO, on how Siemens developed an ML platform that includes automatic search and mapping functions for all components/documents and summarizes all information in a single pane of glass. Using its Intelligent Document Mapping solution integrated with its application front end, the company saved 15,180 hours per year previously spent on manual searching.


Siemens Helps Shape the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" by Combining Its Software and AWS Cloud Capabilities

In this video, Cedrik Neike, chief executive officer (CEO) for Siemens Digital Industries, details how Siemens works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help shape the “fourth industrial revolution" by migrating and transforming its existing industrial software into Software as a Service (SaaS) and leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) to accelerate digital transformation.

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Siemens Helps Companies Become Digital Enterprises

Siemens, a leader in the industrial industry, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make its software tools accessible, scalable, and flexible for customers. Hear Tosh Tambe, vice president of software as a service (SaaS) portfolio strategy at Siemens, share how AWS solutions speed the time to deployment and value for Siemens customers.

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Siemens Strengthens Security and Enhances Productivity Using AWS

Global technology company Siemens modernized its security infrastructure on AWS and achieved a centralized dashboard of security findings from across the company. Its previous system required the security team to gather data manually from various sources, which made it difficult to respond to issues quickly. The company migrated to a suite of AWS services, including AWS Security Hub, integrating them with its existing security tools. As a result, it implemented automatic notifications, enhanced productivity, and strengthened its overall security posture while improving communication.

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Siemens AG Launches Industry-Leading EnergyIP MDM Application on AWS

Siemens decided it was time to modernize its EnergyIP meter data management (MDM) application, which enables more than 200 electricity, gas, and water utility companies to manage more than 90 million meters. For the past 20 years, Siemens has offered on-premises EnergyIP MDM, but recently the company recognized it could improve computing efficiency and customer service by offering a cloud-hosted MDM service as well. Migrating its complex enterprise application to the cloud was a daunting project, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) assisted at every stage of the transition.

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Siemens Energy Accelerates Application Development Using metaphactory Knowledge Graph

Siemens Energy is a German-based industrial manufacturing company that offers solutions for virtual power plants, grid management, and storage solutions. Siemens Energy uses Amazon Neptune to oversee a fleet of thousands of large gas turbines operating in multiple countries across the globe. Siemens Energy procured metaphactory through a free trial in AWS Marketplace, which enabled it to go to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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Siemens Finds New Value in Employee Surveys Using AWS Machine Learning Services

Siemens surveys employees quarterly using AWS machine learning technologies to translate and analyze results in less than two weeks. The company’s survey-processing solution uses Amazon Translate, a neural machine translation service; Amazon SageMaker, a managed machine learning service; and Amazon Comprehend, a natural language processing service that finds relationships in text.

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Siemens Handles 60,000 Cyber Threats per Second Using AWS Machine Learning

Siemens built an AI-enabled cybersecurity platform on AWS. The company is a global electrification, automation, and digitalization leader. The platform uses Amazon SageMaker to make predictions and act, AWS Glue to extract, transform, and load data, and AWS Lambda to run code in response to events.

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On AWS, our AI-driven cybersecurity platform easily exceeds the strongest published benchmarks in the world."

Jan Pospisil
Senior Data Scientist, Siemens Cyber Defense Center


Siemens Uses AWS to Reduce Power Plant Alerts by 90%

Siemens built a serverless AWS solution to analyze and reduce power plant alerts. The company provides power, medical, laboratory, and manufacturing solutions. The solution uses AWS Lambda to orchestrate analytics and Amazon DynamoDB to hold the results of analytics processes.

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Siemens Mobility Helps Rail Operators Avoid Downtime and Unplanned Maintenance

Siemens Mobility simplified operations and democratized its data by developing and implementing an open ecosystem for rail data integration on AWS. A leader in transport solutions for more than 160 years, Siemens Mobility is constantly innovating its portfolio in its core areas of rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, turnkey systems, intelligent traffic systems, and related services. The solution includes a data lake based on Amazon S3 for dataset catalogs, AWS Glue for data transformation, Amazon Athena for interactive querying, and Amazon EMR for processing and analysis of unlimited amounts of data.

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure Breaks Building Data Out of Silos on AWS

Siemens Smart Infrastructure used AWS to build Building Twin from Siemens, a platform that ingests and presents building-generated data, agnostic of source sensors and systems. Siemens Smart Infrastructure provides physical products and systems, cloud-based digital offerings, and value-added services. AWS Professional Services helped the company build its Building Twin platform using Amazon Neptune as the graph database engine, Amazon EC2 for web-scale cloud compute resources, and AWS Lambda for executing code in response to triggers.

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Siemens’ MindSphere on AWS Accelerates Customers’ Time to Value from IIoT

Siemens built MindSphere, an IIoT operating system that can easily connect to as many as 80 percent of worldwide industrial automation devices to accelerate customer time to value from IIoT, on an AWS-native architecture. MindSphere uses many AWS services, including AWS Lambda for orchestration and Amazon Kinesis to decouple data and devices.

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Siemens Builds the Junelight Smart Battery in a Startup-like Environment on AWS

Siemens used AWS services to bring Junelight Smart Battery—a consumer smart battery for storing solar energy—to market in just 18 months.

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AWS re:Invent 2019

The Architecture of the Siemens MindSphere Platform

As part of its strategy of providing digital transformation solutions to realize value across the entire business and embrace Industry 4.0, Siemens built MindSphere, its open Internet of Things (IoT) operating platform hosted on AWS. Driven by automation, IoT, and cloud computing, Siemens can now solve business problems with the data that it collects, analyzes, and monitors. Learn how and why Siemens built MindSphere on AWS, for its own global factories and for its customers, in order to achieve world-class levels of manufacturing efficiency.
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Leading industrial companies fuel their digital transformation with AWS for Industrial.


Siemens AWS Storage Blog

Siemens builds Datalake2Go on AWS to analyze disparate data globally
Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smart buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation and advanced healthcare, the company creates technology with purpose, adding real value for its customers.
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Siemens Smart Infrastructure Press

Siemens Smart Infrastructure Chooses AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider for SAP Environments
Siemens Smart Infrastructure becomes first company within Siemens AG to move production-scale, business-critical SAP environments to the cloud.
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Siemens Smart Infrastructure Video

Siemens Smart Infrastructure Builds Cloud-Native Applications on AWS
Siemens Smart Infrastructure used AWS to develop Building Twin from Siemens, a platform that ingests and presents building-generated data, agnostic of source sensors and systems. AWS Professional Services helped the company create its Building Twin platform using Amazon Neptune as the graph database engine and Amazon Simple Storage Service for data storage. In this video, Peter Löffler, vice president of Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s Trends and Industry Affairs unit, describes the role AWS plays in supporting Siemens’ development of cloud-native platforms and applications.
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Siemens Case Study

AWS Berlin Summit 2019
Safer Railways Through Better Data Analytics
Siemens uses AWS to deliver its Railigent application to rail operators. The application collects data from live trains and helps operators make data-driven decisions to ensure the safety and efficiency of their rail networks. To enable this, Siemens developers needed to access and manage data efficiently across multiple business silos. Because data was not stored consistently across the organization, preparing datasets could take months, and costs were unacceptably high. In this video, Yvonne Quacken, head of digital services research and development at Siemens, explains why the company uses AWS and how the company built an environment for Railigent using AWS.
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Siemens Power and Gas Case Study

Siemens Power and Gas Use Matillion ETL for Redshift from AWS Marketplace to Speed Data Analytics
Siemens Power and Gas division was looking for ways to accelerate its data-analytics and customer-digitalization projects. After choosing Amazon Redshift, it wanted to build out the solution with best-in-class software. A search through AWS Marketplace led Siemens to run a free trial of Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, which took less than one hour to try, buy and implement within their existing AWS environments. Siemens Power and Gas continues to use AWS Marketplace to find, try, and buy software that sets up in minutes and can shave weeks off of project timelines through the ease of implementing software and shortened procurement cycle.
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Siemens Case Study - AWS Support

Siemens Migrates to the Public Cloud Efficiently With the Help of AWS Support
Siemens uses a range of AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud , Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Relational Database Service, AWS Auto Scaling, Amazon ElastiCache, and AWS CloudTrail for data analysis. Siemens uses AWS Support in order to optimize its migration and lower costs.
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Siemens PLM Case Study

AWS re:Invent 2017
Siemens PLM’s "AWS-First" Strategy & MindSphere Launch
Siemens has been able to drive innovation across multiple business units—including Siemens Mobility, Siemens Power and Gas, and Siemens PLM—using more than 40 services including Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Amazon Athena. Siemens PLM provides product-lifecycle management software to thousands of companies and follows an “AWS first” strategy to power its MindSphere industrial IoT platform. Siemens Mobility built a predictive-maintenance SaaS solution, improving the availability and reliability of the Siemens-enabled trains from 87 percent to 99 percent. Thanks to Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and AWS Lambda, the Siemens Power and Gas division was able to ingest terabytes of data in minutes instead of one day.
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AWS Case Study: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

AWS Helps Siemens Deliver Better Care at a Lower Cost
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics helps advance human health through innovation. By using services such as Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Auto Scaling, Amazon ElastiCache, and AWS CloudTrail, Siemens has built a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and scalable platform on AWS.
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