Modernize and transform SAP-based business processes by connecting to 300+ AWS services natively using the SAP ABAP language.

Accelerate business process innovation with native integration between SAP ABAP and 300+ AWS services.

Reduce architectural complexity between SAP applications and AWS service APIs.

Maintain a strong security posture with HTTPS encryption and enforcement of SAP-level permissions within the SDK.

How it works

The AWS SDK for SAP ABAP simplifies the use of AWS services alongside SAP applications  with a client library of modules that are consistent and familiar to ABAP developers. Through a set of simple ABAP classes, the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP takes care of the complexities around security, data formatting, and API connectivity so ABAP developers can focus on innovating with AWS services using only a few lines of code.

Diagram that shows how the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP connects the ABAP stack to AWS services through a series of REST APIs.

Use cases

Invoice generation/ processing

Have business events in SAP trigger AWS Lambda to generate or process an invoice using Amazon Textract.

Language Translation

Push files and records from SAP applications into Amazon Translate to cost-effectively perform language localization, text analytics, and cross-lingual communication.

Address Correction

Automatically identify errors to addresses that have been manually input into SAP systems and correct them without human intervention using Amazon Location Service.

How to get started

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