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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

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This year, the AWS Summit in Stockholm is jam-packed with even more exciting activities you can participate in, plus many opportunities to network with AWS Experts, AWS partners and your peers.

The world's first global autonomous racing league at the AWS Summit Stockholm!

The AWS DeepRacer League at AWS Summit Stockholm gives you the opportunity to compete in a global racing championship—whether you are new to machine learning or ready to build on your existing skills, we can help you get ready to race.

Visit the DeepRacer track in the Expo where we will help you build and train a model at a workshop, or you can bring one you have trained at home - learn how to train your first AWS DeepRacer model. You can then put your model to the test and compete on the track in the AWS Summit Expo, and a chance to advance to the AWS DeepRacer Cup at re:Invent in Las Vegas in December!

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Meet the Team and Ask Your Questions

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the AWS team, ask questions, and give your feedback. We’re here to help and guide you during your journey with AWS.

Ask an Architect

At the Ask an Architect booth, you can get a 1:1 session with a member of the AWS Solutions Architect Team. AWS tech experts are here to answer AWS foundational questions and technical queries tied to your specific use case. Discussing your use cases and architectural requirements with a Solutions Architect can help ensure that you are properly leveraging AWS services and are deploying scalable, resilient, and cost-effective solutions in the cloud.

Please note:  Ask an Architect meetings are held on a first come, first serve basis. During session breaks, there might be a queue.

AWS Booth

Keen to interact with the AWS teams?

Swing by the AWS booth where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the AWS Public Sector and Partner Teams; learn more about the AWS EU (Stockholm) Region as well as security and compliance best practices; and meet the team behind the Build On series. Whether you're looking to start a new project or learn more about AWS, visit us at the AWS booth.


AWS Marketplace

Meet AWS Marketplace and Try Software Applications!

Did you know that AWS Marketplace offers hundreds of free trials of popular third-party software products? Free trials cover the cost of running software in AWS Marketplace, but the AWS Marketplace team wants to do more. Visit the Marketplace booth to learn more.


AWS Training and Certification Team

Organizations need individuals with cloud skills to help transform their business. AWS Training and Certification helps you build and validate cloud skills to get more out of the cloud. Our content is built by AWS experts and updated regularly, so you can be sure you’re learning the latest and keeping your skills fresh.

Stop by the Booth and learn more about our offerings and trainings.

Startup Central


Startup Talks

Looking for content for startups by startups? This year's Startup Central offers a series of lightning talks, hands-on use cases presented by startups and startup support opportunities. Come by and get inspired to build something new and disruptive!


Meet the AWS Startup Team

Interested in meeting with the AWS Startup Team? No matter if pitching your startup idea, having an in-person 1:1 with an AWS solution architect or seeking advice on how to do your first steps, come around and meet the AWS Startup Team. No appointments needed.


Make New Connections

Looking to showcase your startup business and get inspired to build further? The Startup Central meeting area is the place to be to make new connections and engage with other startups. Schedule your meetings and come by!

Startup Lightning Talks

Visit our Startup Lightning Talks and bring your business to the next level. Regardless if you want to learn more about AWS startup programs, do a technical deep-dive or get inspired by the journey of leading startups – the Startup Stage is the place to be!

All Startup Lightning Talks will be hosted in the Startup Central located in the Expo hall.

  • 11:45-12:15 PSD2 and SCA: tackling payment fraud with smart APIs and developer tools

    In 2018 alone, online payments fraud cost businesses more than €17bn. By 2022, the number is expected to rise to €100bn. As part of PSD2, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is being introduced by EU regulators to reduce online fraud and make the internet a safer place to transact. From 14 September 2019, millions of European consumers will have to change the way they buy online through two-factor authentication. This extra layer of friction in ecommerce transactions will impact conversion and sales for online businesses. Stripe has been hard at work to help businesses navigate this massive change and minimise the impact on conversion.

    Speaker: Thorsten Schaeff, Integration Engineer, Stripe

    Level: 200

  • 12:15-12:45 Live Building of an ML TensorFlow MVP

    Being able to quickly experiment, and minimize the time it takes to deploy your ML model changes to production, is imporant when doing ML. In 30 minutes, Peer will implement an MLOps pipeline taking a Sagemaker TensorFlow model from dev to production using infrastructure as code.

    Speaker: Peer Jakobsen, Solutions Architect, AWS

    Level: 300

  • 12:45-13:15 Scaling up a security startup in a world full of hackers

    Cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword; there’s a growing demand from customers, investors and regulators. In this session, Detectify’s CIO Johan Norrman will guide you through Detectify’s startup journey to automate white hat hacker knowledge into web application security. He will take you through the scale up of operations while being on AWS, and how this helps Detectify grow with their clientele’s growing security needs. Lastly he’ll show you why it’s important to scale up security together with your development.

    Speaker: Johan Norrman, CIO, Detectify

    Level: 200

  • 13:15-13:45 1up with Amazon Game Tech

    Tens of thousands of game developers use AWS Game Tech to make amazing games. Learn about AWS' Game services, common use cases, and hear more about how AWS can help you level up your game development.

    Speaker: Eric Morales, Games Segment Leader, AWS

    Level: 100

  • 13:45-14:15 Lessons learned while dealing with spiky workloads

    We at Billogram provide a web based solution for invoicing. Our customers do not only love our product but they also grow rapidly, presenting us with quite different needs on our scalability than we initially expected. As a result we've had to evolve to keep up with the demands that were put on us and our service. Join this talk to hear about the transitions we went through to keep up with the rather spiky load that invoicing puts on a system, and what strategy we've employed to assure we stay scalable going forward.

    Speaker: Miriam Larsson, CTO, Billogram

    Level: 200-300

  • 14:15-14:45 Building a Serverless MVP in 30 minutes

    As a startup, you want to iterate quickly and be able to experiment with new ideas in a few hours. Nicolas has built a frontend for an image detection web app and will implement the backend live in 30 minutes. Join him as he builds a minimum viable product and tries to implement as many features as possible!

    Speaker: Nicolas Moutschen, Solutions Architect, AWS

    Level: 300

  • 15:15-15:45 Investing in female tech leadership – the female investor’s perspective

    Female leadership representation in Nordic tech companies is on the rise, but it is still far from the goal of at least 50%. Leading the charge in promoting increased gender diversity within the tech companies they invest are the female investors in this panel, from whom we will hear how they are supporting female tech leaders and the real benefits they have seen from having more female leadership in companies.

    Speaker: Maxine Rior, Investment Associate, Kinnevik, Alexandra Malmberg, Associate, Haflo, moderated by Eric Morales, Gaming Segment Leader, AWS

    Level: 100

  • 15:45-16:15 From farmers to farmers - reaching 70% marketshare while providing food for 3 million people

    A story about how eAgronom reached 70% of Estonian market in 6 months, 2.5 years later is active in 9 countries with 14-19% month-to-month growth and over 500K paid hectares globally - that's more land than some countries in the world! We help farmers save tens to hundreds of thousands of euros per year and directly reduce pollutant use in the environment. eAgronom users provide food for over 3 million people and our goal is to become an Amazon for farmers.

    Speaker: Stenver Jerrku, COO, eAgronom

    Level: 100

  • 16:15-16:40 HYPE Commerce: How to scale an e-commerce for Black Friday volumes

    HYPE Commerce: The challenge of scaling to 1B page views and 100M sessions per day to sell 1k pairs of sneakers. Panagora is Northern Europe’s leading e-commerce technology platform and digital agency for the sneaker industry, whose customers are Tier Zero accounts for Nike and Adidas. Come hear how Panagora uses AWS to support the launch of the latest sneakers (which drive traffic volumes similar to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Single’s Day) to deliver world-class results for their clients while disrupting the global retail industry.

    Speaker: Moon-Suck Song, CEO & Co-founder, Panagora

    Level: 200