AWS Summit Stockholm, May 11, 2023

Calling all startups!

Head to the Startup Loft at the AWS Summit Stockholm to network and learn from the region’s top startups and investors. Find out how AWS can fast track your startup’s future, discover the benefits of the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator, get the lowdown or where investors are placing their bets, and more.


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Entrepreneur.e.s - êtes-vous prêt.e.s à donner un nouvel élan à votre startup ? Avez-vous besoin de financement pour accélérer votre startup ? Alors, n'attendez plus et saisissez l'occasion de l'AWS Demo Day !

L’AWS Demo Day c’est votre chance de profiter de 4 minutes pour présenter votre projet à un jury de quatre investisseurs des plus grands fonds français spécialisés dans la santé, l’intelligence artificielle, la fintech ou l’écologie et les convaincre d’investir dans votre startup.


  • There's a reason why the biggest names in the startup world have been building on AWS and we've learned a great deal helping these companies grow. Come learn about how AWS supports startups!

  • European climate tech startups raised $16bn in 2022. The money is finally flowing. What kind of returns do VCs expect in this vertical? How are startups tackling expansion? In this panel you’ll hear from a Climate Tech only investor, a generalist investor, and a Climate Tech startup.

  • Building quickly shouldn't come at the expense of security. Join us as we walk through best practices for startups to increase the security posture while building for scale.

  • Spend less to get more? Stretch your runway to go further with quick tips to optimize your technology spend.

  • So you’ve raised a seed round, great. Now what? What does the path look like from there and on? In this panel you’ll hear from both globally scaled startups as well as VCs. You’ll walk away with concrete GTM advice, and you’ll gain perspective on the VC funding route and what they look for.

  • In this session you will learn how AWS supports startups beyond technology by partnering with startups to help grow their business, create faster sales cycles and explore new partnerships.

  • With event-driven applications, you can scale and fail independently. Learn how to design event-driven applications using best practices to improve agility while keeping your distributed systems decoupled and scalable.

  • 2022 was a significant year for generative AI and startups who build products using generative models were able to attract funding, even in a challenging market. This session will explore the power of generative AI and how the AWS platform provides all the tools necessary to take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Finally we will focus on how startups can integrate generative models into their products to create a competitive advantage.

  • In this panel, top founders share their experiences and mistakes along the way and what they learned from them. Join us for some eye-opening stories about the wild ride of building a business.

  • Curious to see how you can get the most value out of your data? In this session, we will discuss data strategy concerns that are common among startups today and how a modern data architecture on AWS could help get the most insights out of your data.

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