Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups

Learn how healthcare and life sciences startups leverage AWS to transform the world of health and accelerate research.

Startup Customer Stories

Learn how Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups are leveraging AWS to transform the world of health, wellness, and drug discovery. These stories focus on how healthcare & life science startups are accelerating research, rethinking patient care, and maintaining clinical and operational continuity during this unprecedented time for our global healthcare system.

Life Sciences Executive Blog Series

Executive Conversations: Modernizing the approach to healthcare data with Andrew Goldberg, Co-founder and COO of HealthVerity
Executive Conversations: Evolving R&D with Siping “Spin” Wang, CEO and Co-founder of TetraScience
4G Clinical.2
Executive Conversations: Advancing modern clinical trials with Dave Kelleher, CEO and founder of 4G Clinical

Healthcare and Life Sciences Startup Stories & Interviews

Proscia Is Transforming Biomedical Research With Digital Pathology
Virtual Health.2
Migrating VirtualHealth’s Leading Healthcare SaaS Platform & the Race to Telemedicine: Flying Before You Run
Nym (2)
How Nym Health Provides a HIPAA Compliance Solution Using AWS
Komodo Health.2
Komodo Health Expedites Onboarding, Enhances Efficiency Using AWS-Powered Data Analytics
Alpha Health (2)
Extending the Benefits of the Cloud to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations
Olive (2)
Olive Builds the Internet of Healthcare and an AI Workforce on AWS
AWS Startup Advocate Mackenzie Kosut Interviews Toni Manzano, CTO of Aizon for Startups on Air

Start building on AWS today using AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences Quick Starts and technical blogs

AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences Quick Starts are built by AWS solutions architects and partners to help you deploy popular technologies on AWS, based on AWS best practices for security and high availability. These accelerators reduce hundreds of manual procedures into just a few steps, so you can build your secure and compliant production environment quickly and start using it immediately.


HITRUST Quick Start

This Quick Start deploys a model environment on AWS that can help organizations with workloads that fall within the scope of the Health Information Trust Alliance Common Security Framework (HITRUST-CSF). Its architecture maps to certain technical requirements imposed by HITRUST controls. The Quick Start includes security controls reference that maps HITRUST Regulatory Control IDs to resources launched.

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Biotech Blueprint Quick Start

This Quick Start deploys an informatics infrastructure that can help biotech and biopharma organizations with research and development workloads. AWS resources are automatically configured and deployed in an AWS account in about 30 minutes using simple, open-source scripts. You can also use the Quick Start to automatically deploy the industry’s leading scientific research applications into this informatics infrastructure.

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 Nextflow Quick Start

This Quick Start deploys a genomics analysis environment that uses Nextflow to create and orchestrate multi-omics analysis workflows and AWS Batch to run the workflow processes. AWS resources are automatically configured and deployed in an AWS account in about 30 minutes using simple, open-source scripts. The Quick Start deploys Nextflow into the infrastructure set up by the Biotech Blueprint core Quick Start. 

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A Data Lake as Code

This blog post demonstrates a model environment using tightly-integrated AWS services to create a healthcare and life sciences-centric data lake. The post illustrates how you might build a data lake-as-code using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). It outlines the strategy, core data lake services used, associated costs, and how you can tie it all together with code.

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AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences Virtual Symposium

Join us for our third annual free event focusing on how healthcare & life science organizations are using cloud technology to power precision medicine, personalize patient journeys, engage more closely with customers, and ultimately improve outcomes. Hear from industry leaders on how they innovate on AWS to power their business and advance their initiatives, across segments such as genomics, biopharma, medical devices, health IT, healthcare providers, and payors.

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AWS Startup Industry Days: Healthcare and Life Sciences

Watch the content from AWS Startup Industry Days: Healthcare and Life Sciences. You will hear from thought leaders on current industry trends, discover new technologies empowering researchers, clinicians, and operations teams to make data-driven decisions, and learn how to extract valuable insights from your data.

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Achieve HITRUST Faster & Accomplish More With AWS & Cloudticity

Join our free webinar with AWS Principal Solutions Architect and Founder and CEO at Cloudticity to learn why HITRUST is your competitive advantage, what AWS customers are learning on the road to HITRUST, and how the right partner can help you achieve HITRUST faster.

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