A free AAA game engine deeply integrated with AWS and Twitch – with full source. With Lumberyard, you get a growing set of tools to help create the highest quality games, engage massive communities of fans, and connect to the vast compute and storage of the cloud.

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The biggest and most successful game developers in the world rely on Amazon Web Services, including Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, Supercell, and Sega. Build, deploy, distribute, analyze, and monetize with AWS. Pay as you go, and only pay for what you use. Focus on your game, not your infrastructure.

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AWS for Games
Amazon GameLift

Deploy session-based multiplayer games in the cloud in minutes, with no upfront costs. Easily scale high performance game servers up and down to meet player demand.

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The Twitch Developers Program offers an open set of tools and APIs to help you build game features that engage with the more than 1.7 million monthly broadcasters, and more than 100 million monthly viewers on Twitch. Additionally, Lumberyard is integrated with Twitch, with its Twitch ChatPlay and Twitch JoinIn features helping you build games that enable both spectators to interact directly with your gameplay, and broadcasters to instantly invite their fans into the game.

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Twitch Integrations
Merch by Amazon

Sell physical goods through Amazon that feature your game’s IP, logo, or brand imagery. Pay nothing, and earn revenue for every shirt purchased.

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We believe successful games are all about vibrant communities of fans. Amazon GameDev offers a growing selection of cross-platform building blocks for game developers. These tools and services help you build on the shoulders of AWS, Twitch, and Amazon commerce to make and deliver experiences that garner vibrant communities of passionate fans. 

By using Amazon GameDev’s cross-platform building blocks, you are able to spend more of their time creating innovative gameplay and building communities of fans, and less time on the undifferentiated heavy lifting of building game technology and managing server infrastructure.

Amazon GameDev

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