AWS is How: Game Tech Edition 2

In this installment of AWS is How: Game Tech Edition, a collection of indie game developers provide unique insights into life as a game developer. Read how indie game studios build expertise through experiences, from learning the importance of risk-taking during development, to how skills are mastered by focusing on what matters most. These stories showcase studio's achievements, highlighting how AWS supports them to create amazing gameplay experiences.

Behind great games, there's AWS Game Tech

Bossa Studios

Renowned for their “creativity first” approach to development and open, collaborative process, Bossa Studios is a multi award-winning independent game developer and publisher based in London. Creators of the BAFTA- winning Monstermind, as well as BAFTA-nominated viral hit Surgeon Simulator and quirky adventure game I Am Bread, their imaginative and critically-acclaimed titles are also huge hits with influencers and streamers across platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Coldfire Games

Putting players at the heart of everything they do has helped indie studio ColdFire Games stand out in the fiercely competitive mobile market. From prioritizing community, to developing the most in-depth gameplay stats, the studio makes it clear that players come first. The result is fun, immersive titles like Idle Casino Manager and Idle Space Tycoon, which have been downloaded millions of times and garnered rave reviews from players across the globe.

Creative Mobile

What makes a game special? How do you take a beloved IP, and turn it into a fun and memorable gaming experience? For the past ten years, these questions have been the driving force behind Estonian studio Creative Mobile. This focus has resulted in chart-topping, genre-defining drag-racing games, a critically acclaimed collaboration with Mattel on Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, a slew of industry awards and over 450 million lifetime installs.

Traplight Games

2020 was a big year for Finnish mobile game studio Traplight. As well as releasing their battle strategy game Battle Legion, the company raised $9 million in their most recent funding round, money they plan to spend developing bigger, more ambitious gaming experiences. Founded in 2010, the studio scored their first hit with the fun, free-to-play Big Bang Racing, which won an Apple App Store best of 2016 award.

Wolcen Studio

Making their mark in the crowded ARPG space is Wolcen, a Nice-based studio that began life as one of France’s biggest Kickstarter success stories. Their eagerly anticipated title Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, features stunning visuals and rich, complex combat. While openly embracing its love of the Diablo franchise, the studio offers players a fresh, inventive take on the hack ’n’ slash game genre.

Wolves Interactive

Over 45 million mobile gamers have downloaded titles from bold, self-funded studio Wolves Interactive. The studio’s founders escaped Syria’s civil war and moved to Turkey, where they developed the 2017 viral hit Traffic Tour, receiving 10 million downloads in its first six months. The Istanbul-based studio has continued to build on this success, with a series of creative and technically ambitious racing titles, including their most recent release, Racing Go.

AWS is How: Game Tech Edition 1

Missed the first instalment of our ‘AWS is How’ Game Tech series? In this volume, we focused on a single game from each of the featured studio’s portfolio of titles. As we take you through the game’s history and evolution, we look at how technology has helped bring it to life.

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