Business Success | Engagement

Keep your players playing

Getting players to install your game is one thing. Keeping them coming back for more is quite another. Today's most successful games create gameplay experiences that can quickly adapt and adjust to player demand. With Amazon Game Tech Engagement solutions, you get dozens of tools and features to make those experiences irresistible to players. Reach and convert millions of viewers to paying customers. Quickly build game features that attract, retain, and monetize. Then see what players want most using rich analytics pipelines.

Extend the life of your games

Do more to delight your players - no matter your game's ambition. Whether you want to build your own custom designs or accelerate development with a managed game service, we provide scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to engage players at any level.

Reach and retain millions of players

Grow your game's audience with the world's largest gaming community on Twitch. Engage spectators, broadcasters, and players with Twitch Extensions and Drops.

Build game features in minutes

Build multiplayer, progression, and commerce features in days, not months with GameSparks. Use the cloud coding tool to quickly customize features to suit any game design.

Analyze Player Behavior

Capture, ingest, and analyze player data to find out what your players want most using AWS rich analytics pipelines.

Increase Competition

Create new or recurring leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round tournaments for both single and team gameplay using Amazon GameOn.

Fast, full, and fun matchmaking

Create custom parameters and group players into the perfect match using FlexMatch from Amazon GameLift.

challenge players to achieve more

Set targets for players to explore and spend more time in your games with quests, challenges, and achievements using GameSparks.

Reward players with real world prizes

Engage players through competitions and in-game prizes with Amazon GameOn. Reward player engagement with real-world prizes fulfilled by Amazon using Amazon Moments.

Clearly communicate

Keep active players informed, and re-engage lapsed players by broadcasting messages and sending targeted push notifications with Amazon SNS and Amazon Pinpoint.