AWS Support is available for the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. As a AWS GovCloud (US) customer, you can access the AWS Support engineers 24 hours per day by phone, email, and chat. In cases where export controls are a concern, AWS routes cases to ITAR-vetted and trained support engineers who understand the sensitivity around export controls. AWS GovCloud (US) protected resources are accessible only by ITAR-vetted and trained support engineers. However, non-vetted personnel can assist with basic support cases that do not contain protected resources.

View the AWS GovCloud (US) Service Health Dashboard for up-to-the-minute information on service availability in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

Contact an AWS GovCloud (US) Region Business Representative to learn more.

You can select one of three levels of support for your AWS account: Basic, Business, or Enterprise. By subscribing to premium support for your associated standard AWS account, you will also receive support for the associated AWS GovCloud (US) account.

  • The Customer Support Center is available only through the standard AWS account that is associated with your AWS GovCloud (US) account.
  • Health Dashboards are not available for the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.
  • The AWS GovCloud (US) Region does not have a dedicated forum area.
  • AWS accounts with an associated AWS GovCloud (US) account are prohibited from uploading attachments in Support Center.
  • Provides a one-hour response time for critical issues via email, and you can contact AWS Support by phone or chat to communicate with an available support engineer.
  • Provides customer-specific use case guidance for making the most of available AWS technology, limited third-party software support, and direct routing to senior support engineers.
  • For standard AWS regions, provides access to Trusted Advisor, a tool that provides informative, plain language reports on how customers can improve their security, availability, and service costs within AWS. Currently, the Trusted Advisor tool is not available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Region.

Enterprise customers have everything offered to Business level support customers, with the response time commitment for mission-critical support engagements reduced to 15 minutes from one hour and access to a Technical Account Manager (TAM). TAMs serve as the primary technical point of contact, conduct performance reviews, report metrics, collaborate on launches, and connect you with solutions architects. TAMs become familiar with the key personnel, business goals, and technology challenges of their clients.

By default, AWS maintains limits for certain resources in your AWS GovCloud (US) account. For example, accounts have a limit on the number of Amazon EC2 instances that can be launched. You can request limit increases by navigating to the Limits Report within the EC2 Console. You will need to login to your AWS Account and then specify your AWS GovCloud (US) account ID and select the AWS GovCloud (US) Region from the region drop-down list.