Social impact in the Middle East and Africa

Discover how organizations across the Middle East and Africa
are accelerating socially impactful projects with the help of
Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Advancing lifesaving cancer treatments, fighting climate change, and training kids to love technology

— just a few of the ways AWS is supporting citizens of the Middle East and Africa.
Innovators on a mission to affect positive change, including those featured below, are cultivating our
enterprise-grade services and technologies to make a real social impact across the region and beyond.

Recent stories of social impact


Harnessing the power of the cloud to advance health equity

AWS is committing $40 million to support applications that develop culturally responsive solutions to increasing access to health services, reducing disparities by addressing social determinants of health, leveraging data to
promote equitable and inclusive systems of care, and advancing equity in diagnostics and screening.

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Digital Earth Africa

Supporting Africa's sustainability efforts with decision-ready data

In Africa, where nearly half a billion people live in extreme poverty, scientific data is helping the continent’s
leaders address water scarcity and resource sustainability. Learn how the collaboration between
Digital Earth Africa and AWS is exposing key insights for everything from rising sea levels to raging fires.

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Re/start MENA

Closing the digital skills gap and reducing local unemployment

As part of our commitment to train 29 million people in cloud computing by 2025, re/Start MENA helps learners across 60 countries build skills that align with in-demand tech jobs. The program includes day-one-ready skills,
such as Python, Linux, bash scripting, and AWS core services, along with resume and interview coaching.

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Giving Rwandan cancer patients better access to lifesaving treatments

There is roughly one oncologist for every 3,200 cancer patients across sub-Saharan Africa. Learn how medical technology startup Hurone AI is working to change that. The company was selected as one of more than 90 organizations to receive AWS services as part of the AWS Health Equity Initiative. 

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Girl Code
Launching a tech challenge to upskill South African women

GirlCode is partnering with AWS and South
Africa’s Standard Bank to train women on the
tools of modern technology.

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Stanbic ibtc
Preparing young Nigerians for the digital economy

One of Africa’s leading banks is training and
certifying Nigerians to broaden their skills and
gain a competitive edge.

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Modeling coastal erosion to reduce the effects of climate change

With the help of decision-ready data,
YouthMappers prioritizes the urgent
restoration of Africa’s coastal mangroves.

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sustainability »

The elephant listening project
Helping researchers protect and save African elephants

The Wildlife Conservation Society has released
a million audio recordings to help monitor
rainforest biodiversity.

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data »

Tshwane hackathon
Inspiring tech innovations through AWS Training and Certification

South Africa’s Tshwane University of
Technology is upskilling its underserved
region with the help of AWS solutions.

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training »

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