AWS IoT Events

Detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications

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Ingest data from multiple sources to detect the state of your processes or devices, and proactively manage maintenance schedules.

Build custom rules and event logic to identify critical events and sensor attributes with simple "if-then-else" statements.

Combine sensor and application data to visualize performance and quality of operations, recognize complex patterns, and trigger actions, such as automatic alerts.

Meet your fleet demands by defining detectors for specific device types that automatically scale and manage all instances of that device.

How it works

AWS IoT Events monitors your equipment or device fleet for failures or changes in operation and starts necessary actions.

Use cases

Aggregate telemetry data across systems

Ingest data from multiple vendor subsystems and aggregate using simple logical expressions instead of complex code.

Build and customize alert notification systems

Quickly build notification systems to detect issues such as food spoilage. Save potential lost revenue by alerting technicians to a malfunction before spoilage occurs.

Monitor and maintain remote devices

Remotely diagnose the problem by using error codes sent over time, then guide technicians with appropriate maintenance steps. 

Prioritize your maintenance workload for critical issues

Analyze issue severity with device event detectors, and prioritize responses for critical events for customers using that device model.

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