With AWS IQ, you are paid as you complete project milestones. You submit a fixed bid proposal in response to a request from an AWS customer. As you complete pre-determined milestones or when the whole project is completed, you submit payment requests. Once the customer approves your payment request, you will receive the amount requested, less a 15% AWS IQ fee.


AWS will suspend expert and buyer fees for use of AWS IQ from April 16, 2020 to June 30, 2020 for all customers. This applies to the 3% IQ fee charged to buyers and 15% fee charged to experts for all approved payment requests. It does not include service fees charged by the AWS Certified experts. More information and terms.

Connect with AWS Customers on AWS IQ

Connect with AWS customers, demonstrate your expertise, and get paid

Pricing examples

For a project where you propose a $1,000 fixed bid fee, your payment would be as follows:

Payment request: $1,000

AWS IQ fee (15%): $150

Total payment: $850

*Note: AWS customers pay a 3% fee on their AWS IQ projects. For a $1,000 project, the AWS customer will pay a total of $1,030 to AWS, and AWS will disburse $850 to you.


For all payment requests approved by June 30, 2020, the 15% fee is waived. For example, for a project where you propose a $1,000 fixed bid fee, your payment would be as follows:

Payment request: $1,000

AWS IQ fee (15%): Waived

Total payment if approved by June 30th: $1,000


Additional information and restrictions on April 16, 2020 to June 30, 2020 offer:

- We may terminate this offer at any time.


Get started now

Set up an expert profile

  • Experts must be US based and hold a valid AWS Certification (Associate, Professional, Specialty)
  • Share your skills, experience, and link to case studies or completed work 

Respond to customer requests

  • Browse customer requests and respond directly
  • Chat or video conference within AWS IQ
  • Find projects that align to your expertise and experience

Get work done

  • Send customers a proposal to win their project 
  • Request temporary access to a customer’s account 
  • Communicate with customers at any time via chat or video

Get paid

  • Request payments at set milestones or after a project is completed
  • Customers pay directly through their AWS account
  • Receive disbursements for the projects you deliver