AWS IQ for Experts

Help customers and get paid for your AWS Certification expertise

AWS IQ enables customers to quickly find, engage, and pay AWS Certified third-party experts for on-demand project work. AWS IQ also makes it easy for you to use your AWS Certifications to help AWS customers. With AWS IQ, you have a secure collaborative workspace for project consultations and an easy way to get paid.

Connect with AWS Customers, Demonstrate Your Expertise, and Get Paid (1:40)


Build Your Business

Tap into thousands of AWS customers who need help with new or existing projects, but lack the time or the skills required to complete their projects. You can help them complete these projects with your AWS Certification expertise and grow your business.

Market Your Expertise

Showcase your AWS skills and experience so customers are confident you are the right choice for their project. Your profile includes your AWS Certifications, professional experience, and ratings and reviews from other project work.

Simple Project Management

AWS customers will request assistance with a project through AWS IQ. You can quickly respond with a simple scope of work and a fixed price. The project starts once the customer agrees to the proposal. You can request payment as milestones are complete, upfront, or according to a schedule directly through AWS IQ.

How it works

Use cases

Educate Customers About AWS Services

Help customers determine which AWS services would be best to achieve their goals. For example, show a customer which AWS analytics services will provide the scalability they need, at a cost that fits their budget.

Provide Customers Architectural Guidance

Offer guidance on how to start and optimize AWS projects from the beginning. For example, help a customer plan their architecture for a data warehouse using Amazon Redshift to best achieve the cost savings possible.

Set Up AWS Services

Assist customers in launching their AWS services in order to get projects started. For example, get Amazon Cognito set up for a customer so they can enhance the security of the mobile app they are building.

Migrate Workloads To AWS

Show customers the best and most efficient way to migrate their workloads to AWS. For example, help a customer choose the best AWS database for their needs and then migrate their legacy databases to AWS RDS to take advantage of better scalability and easier administration.

Estimate & Optimize AWS Spend

Provide advice on how to plan a customer’s budget for AWS projects and how to make sure they optimize their environment for costs. For example, show a customer how to right-size their Amazon EC2 instances to reduce costs and how to use Reserved Instances or EC2 Spot for cost savings.

Build An Application

Give customers hands-on help with building applications on AWS. For example, build a website for a customer that has just set up AWS Lightsail.

Case studies


Elementryx is a boutique AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with expertise in DevOps and infrastructure as code. We strategize, build, and optimize cloud architecture for organizations of all sizes.

“As an AWS Advanced Partner, we love working with customers on complex projects, but also spend a big portion of our time tracking down leads, getting set up with customers, managing bills, and tracking payments. Because AWS IQ connects us directly with clients and streamlines tricky processes like billing, we can spend less time worrying about back-office tasks and more time doing the work we enjoy, that we’re great at, and that produces direct value for the clients.”

- Yosef van Bemmelen – Co founder and Head of Business Development, Elementryx

Belle Fleur Technologies

“What excites us most about AWS IQ is the ways in which it will help us scale our business and connect with customers we’d otherwise never have a chance to work with. With AWS IQ, we will be able to provide these solutions to customers across the globe, helping more organizations to leverage AWS services, work more efficiently, and find data driven decisions.”

- Tia Dubuisson – President and Co-Founder, Belle Fleur Technologies

I/O Merchant

Henrik Balle is the Principal and Lead Cloud Enterprise Architect at I/O merchant. I/O merchant is a cloud solution provider focusing on AWS cloud strategy and implementation, helping businesses lay a solid cloud foundation and scaling, including Security & Compliance, DevOps, and Migration.

"AWS IQ is the missing link between AWS customers and AWS experts. As an AWS expert AWS IQ will help me better help my customers where they have very targeted needs, are struggling to get started with the cloud, or are wanting to accelerate their cloud presence without committing to new full time resources.”

- Henrik Balle – Principal and Lead Cloud Enterprise Architect, I/O Merchant