AWS Machine Learning Embark Program

Onboarding, training, and implementation support to launch your machine learning journey

Born out of thousands of successful customer implementations and Amazon’s own experience scaling the use of machine learning (ML) in the organization, the AWS Machine Learning Embark program combines the training, coaching, and implementation support needed to launch your company’s machine learning journey and transform your development teams into machine learning practitioners.

Getting started with machine learning is equal parts technology and culture change. Many organizations struggle with where to even start, because there aren’t well-understood patterns to follow. Projects might struggle to find momentum because they lack a rallying cry to motivate big changes. Once underway, it’s easy to get caught reinventing solutions to well-solved problems and making novice mistakes that slow you down because teams get stuck in silos or don’t have the right technical skills. And, when projects are delivered to production, they may not catalyze change because they weren’t aligned to the right business goals.

The AWS Machine Learning Embark program is designed to start your company on the journey to machine learning success. The content is based on years of proven success helping organizations adopt ML, as well as Amazon’s own journey to put ML first in all areas of our business. The program starts with an interactive workshop to identify the right business problem to tackle, followed by on-site, hands-on training to ramp up your company’s machine learning skills fast through practical application. Your developers then have the opportunity to partner with AWS machine learning experts from the ML Solutions Lab to build at least one proof of concept. The program also includes a corporate AWS DeepRacer event to get your company motivated to embrace machine learning through hands-on friendly competition. With the practical skills, knowledge, and motivation derived from the program, your company will be ready to take your machine learning journey to the next stage.

Program offerings



AWS machine learning experts meet onsite with a cohort of your organization’s business and technical leaders through a Discovery Day workshop to identify the right problem to focus on for the duration of the program. This interactive workshop includes coaching and brainstorming sessions to help you ‘work backwards’ from business challenges to arrive at solutions.



Hands-on, on-site training is based off Amazon’s own “Machine Learning University” used internally to teach machine learning. The training is focused on real challenges that Amazon has solved across its business. Your developers will learn how to apply machine learning and how to get started on a range of AWS machine learning services, including Amazon SageMaker. Business teams will learn where to apply machine learning and how to organize for success. Participants can continue their education online and take the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification exam to validate their skills.



AWS’s own machine learning experts will work on-site alongside your team to make the project a reality through a proof of concept in an ML Solutions Lab. Your team will go step-by-step through the entire process of getting a machine learning application launched, gaining insight into best practices and ways to avoid costly mistakes, and knowledge based on the overall experience of those who have done it many times before. By the end, you’ll have a machine learning approach that can be scaled across your organization.



An onsite AWS DeepRacer Challenge event will get everyone rallied behind machine learning with friendly competition and hands-on machine learning experience by training and racing fully autonomous 1/18th scale race cars. We can also help you create internal leagues to keep the competition going all year long and encourage teams to share new ideas about how to apply machine learning.


Focused on real opportunities

AWS ML Embark brings business and technical teams together in a cohort to work through the problem and get to a solution together. At the outset of the program, the cohort will identify business opportunities that have meaningful impact on the organization and can be implemented quickly. Building this partnership is the best way to guarantee that the solution will have real business impact and that machine learning adoption will continue to thrive in the organization.

Accelerated learning

AWS ML Embark was designed to speed up your machine learning journey with programs that build on each other to get your teams ramped up quickly. The in-person training is based off of Amazon’s own internal developer training and is rooted in a proven approach that focuses on getting developers the practical implementation knowledge they need to be successful straight away.

Born from what works

AWS ML Embark is based on programs and strategies that have proven to help some of the most innovative AWS customers and Amazon’s own internal teams fast-track their machine learning initiatives to get real business results fast. From the DeepRacer event focused on getting teams excited to take on the challenge through friendly competition and hands-on learning to the final stages of development with AWS machine learning experts, the entire program is born out of programs that work.

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AWS DeepRacer

Developers of all skill levels can get hands on with machine learning through a cloud based 3D racing simulator, fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, and global racing league.

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Machine Learning Solutions Lab

A collaboration and education program that connects Amazon machine learning experts with AWS customers and partners.

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