Amazon QuickSight Embedded Data Lab

Accelerate building QuickSight Embedded through Embedded Analytics Data Lab (EADL), a no-cost collaborative engagement that helps engineering and development teams cut down time required to launch applications with QuickSight Embedded in production by providing hands-on guidance and architectural best practices.

With EADL, AWS customers can request a hands-on session to prototype QuickSight Embedded solutions, build custom architectures, and implement best practices with QuickSight-specialist Data Lab Solutions Architects. The output from this engagement is a customized solution that is specific to customer requirements, built using their data, in their AWS account, while providing hands-on learning to the engineering teams attending the lab. EADL engagements accelerate time from ideation to proof of concept to production by months, through tailored guidance while using resources across AWS teams to accelerate the rollout of QuickSight.

Learn more about the launch here.

Get started with EADL

Prerequisites required to qualify for this offering are:

- Valid embedded analytics use case.

- Ready and accessible data to be used with QuickSight.

- Available AWS sandbox or development environment to build the prototype. Data sources for QuickSight must be accessible through this sandbox account.

- Available webpages or assets to be used to embed the QuickSight visuals and dashboards.

- Full-time participation of at least two builders, including a builder that is comfortable and familiar with the web assets to be used for embedding.

To get started, register now. Once registered, a member of the AWS team will contact you with next steps