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Topics were chosen by community leaders for AWS familiar developers and focused on cutting-edge cloud technologies such as Serverless, Container, Microservices & DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and Alexa, and best practices and customer cases.

Time: 12:40-17:40 (KST/JST, GMT+9) on 21st Setember 2017
Venue: 5F SPOTIME, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea



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Welcome to APAC Community Day
Sanguk Park, Co-leader of AWSKRUG, AWS Community Hero, KOREA

As lead on AWS Korea User group, this session will welcome to all attendees including live streaming, remote events, housekeeping for event. Also, he will introduce the cross-regional activities in APAC region in last year and recent activities of AWSKRUG.


AWS Vietnam Community
Hồ Việt Anh, AWS-VN Usergroup, CEO of Osam.io, VIETNAM

The AWSUGVN is a young community in an emerging cloud computing market, startups as well as SME environment; Share our challenges when building up and grow the User group. Share our missions to leverage local IT communities to cloud world; supporting startups to help them grow and enjoy benefits from AWS activate and other hands-on supports.  


Microservice Architecture with AWS Beanstalk & Docker at Postman
Shamasis Bhattacharya, Vice President of Engineering at Postman, INDIA

The story of Postman making small but big decisions towards building a resilient infrastructure for it’s 3+ million users with a lean team while maintaining 99% lifetime uptime. In this session, we would deep-dive into how Postman leveraged the true potential of AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker containers for its fleet of 30+ micro-services.


How to develop Alexa Skill Kit based on Serverless Architecture
Hidetaka Okamoto, JAWS-UG Kyoto, SW Enginner at Digitalcube, JAPAN

The serverless architecture helps us to create various applications without burdens of infra managements. It does not only web applications, but smart voice application based on Amazon Echo devices. In this session, he talks about how to create and test Alexa Skills kit that enable customers to create a more personalized experience with AWS Lambda and manage the application by Serverless Framework.


Building an A.I. with Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Lex
Vit Niennattrakul, AWS Community Hero, THAILAND

An application with Amazon AI is limitless. The combination Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Lex gives the machine ability to see images and understand our text/speech. In this session, we would demonstrate an implementation of our cool sample application to help you understand more about the current features and architecture design of Amazon AI.


Golang on Serverless with Apex Up
Kai Hendry, AWS Community Hero, SINGAPORE

From the developer behind ExpressJS, comes Apex Up. A serverless framework that makes deploying everything from static sites to Golang http services, painless. No wrappers or rewrites necessary. First class performance and incredible development iteration speeds. You can think of Up as self-hosted Heroku style user experience for a fraction of the price, with the security, flexibility, and scalability of AWS.


DevOps and Bigdata Practices with Amazon EMR and Apache Kylin
Jacky Chan, Shanghai UG, CHINA

Amazon EMR is quite powerful to deal with tons of data, especially cooperate with Apache Kylin. Apache Kylin is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine designed to provide SQL interface and multidimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop to shorten the calculating time. Jacky will talk about a case study in catering IT system DevOps with EMR and Apache Kylin which is already applied in practice. A demo will be on site as well.


Embracing ChatOps Infrastructure based on AWS and Slack
Neil Alwin Hermosilla, Lead Devops Engineer, Onerent.co, Philippines

Utilizing Slackbot to control AWS Infrastructure and Managing Assets. Making way for IT department to leverage the time in the day-to-day shift. Combining Slack + Ansible + AWS, gives a winning setup for everyone in the engineering team.

Thanks to the following community leaders, AWS Cloud enthusiasts, AWS Community Heroes, and user group leaders who are responsible for planning and delivering all content at the AWS Community Day event:

JAWS-UG, Senior Manager of Serverworks; JAPAN

AWS Shanghai Usergroup, COO of BootDev; CHINA

AWS Community Hero, CEO of DailiTech; THAILAND

JAWS-UG, CEO of Heptagon; JAPAN

AWS Community Hero, CEO of BootDev; CHINA

AWS-VN Usergroup, CEO of Osam.io, VIETNAM

AWS Community Hero, SA Manager of Megazone; KOREA

AWS Community Hero, Senior Architect of 104 Corp; TAIWAN

AWS Community Hero, lead on Bangalore User group; INDIA

AWS Community Hero, Founder of Webconverger; SINGAPORE

AWS Community Hero, CTO of Upteam Corporation; PHILIPPINES

AWS Community Hero, lead on Bangalore User group; INDIA

A: Yes, we will give live stream for English, Japanese and Korean at the same time. If you register alert of the live stream, we will notify how to join live stream including stream URL. Also, some of AWS APAC User group will hold local watching events in remote, so you can join the local event for networking too.

A: Connect with the leaders of APAC User Groups listed above to learn more about their Meetups.  Or you can view the full list of community-led AWS User Groups here. It includes China, Korea, Japan, Hongkong, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

A: The GitHub Open Guide to AWS is an extensive guide to all things AWS. It was created and maintained by community leaders. Also since it's on GitHub, all updates and contributions are open, so if you'd like to share your knowledge please consider contributing! Also, If you join AWS re:Invent, Commutity-led tracks and event will be available.

A: AWS User groups allow existing and new AWS users to join a growing, dynamic community, and interact with other developers to answer questions, share ideas, and learn about new services and best practices. You can see recent meet ups of over 800 meetups with 380,000 members around the world.

The AWS Community Heroes program recognizes and honors our most engaged developers who’ve had a real impact on the community.  

The AWS Community Day was started from JAWS Days of Japan AWS Usergroup, and spread to North America, Korea and Europe. Please reach out to awscommunity@amazon.com if you have an idea for a community-led AWS event.

A: AWS expects all Community Day participants (attendees, staff, speakers, sponsors, etc.) to behave in such a way as to create a safe, supportive learning environment while at the conference and any conference-related events. We will not tolerate any form of harassment or offensive speech or behavior, including relating to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. Participants engaging in behavior deemed by AWS as discriminatory or offensive will be asked to leave the conference or related event immediately. Anyone witnessing such behavior is encouraged to contact an AWS Community Day staff member so direct action can be taken. This is true for any community-led AWS event.