First-time user? These tutorials will help you hit the ground running. Topics include: the editor interface, workflow, best practices for content creation, and more.  

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Our forums allow you to quickly engage with other game developers using Amazon Lumberyard and Amazon GameLift. In addition, our forums provide an easy way for you to get help and answers from Amazon’s team of field engineers and technical artists who continually monitor the posts to answer your questions. You can browse our forums as a guest, and to post your own questions or responses all you need is a free Amazon account.

Forums are the best resource for finding answers or help for most of your questions. If you have time-sensitive or critical questions, we recommend Amazon Web Services Premium Support.

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We have a continually-growing series of video and text tutorials to help you learn the basics of Lumberyard and get started quickly. Our tutorials are short and specific so that you can get in and out quickly, and get back to building your games. Our tutorials are organized into a curriculum, so you can build your knowledge as you go, or jump right into the topics that you are most interested in.

Our documentation offers detailed information to help you leverage the full potential of Lumberyard and GameLift. Whether you are new to game development or an advanced user, our documentation covers topics ranging from basic concepts such as creating a new level, to advanced features such as physics and scripting. As with our tutorials, we continuously update and expand our documentation based on new developments and customer feedback.

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Lumberyard comes with multiple samples which allow you to learn about our engine, hands-on. Samples are specific to a topic or feature, and follow best practices. To help you get more out of Lumberyard and test features quickly, we provide a number of additional sample packages of ready-to-use assets and code.

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AWS Support offers a selection of plans to meet your needs. All plans provide 24x7 access to customer service, AWS documentation, whitepapers, and support forums. For access to technical support and additional resources to help you plan, deploy, and optimize your AWS environment, we recommend selecting a support plan that best aligns with your AWS usage.

For time-critical issues, and for proactive/preventive cloud services guidance, AWS Support is your best option.

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We provide Lumberyard logos and branding and credit guidelines for you to apply to any game or product you have created with Lumberyard.

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Please register your game or product here, in advance of distributing it to your end-user customers.

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Once you’ve downloaded Lumberyard, get started by watching our Tutorials, visiting us on our Forums, or reading through our Documentation.

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In addition to Lumberyard, Amazon offers a growing selection of cross-platform building blocks for game developers. These tools and services help you build on the shoulders of Amazon commerce, AWS, and Twitch, and make and deliver experiences that garner vibrant communities of passionate fans.

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