Managing on-premises Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, or other search and analytics solutions is complicated, resource intensive, and expensive. In addition to providing managed open source Elasticsearch and Kibana (versions 1.5 to 7.10), OpenSearch, and OpenSearch Dashboards, Amazon OpenSearch Service includes a full range of advanced capabilities such as the scalable storage tier UltraWarm, fine-grained access control, anomaly detection, alerting, remote re-indexing, ML-backed search result ranking, trace analytics, and more.

Why migrate?

Easy to deploy and manage

Amazon OpenSearch Service simplifies management tasks like hardware provisioning, software installation and patching, failure recovery, backups, and monitoring. You don’t need to have a dedicated team of experts to manage your clusters. Amazon OpenSearch Service includes built-in event monitoring and alerting, so you can get notified of any changes to your clusters’ health.


Amazon OpenSearch Service provides a full array of advanced capabilities without charging additional licensing fees. There are no inter-Availability Zone (inter-AZ) charges and hourly snapshots are provided at no extra cost. You can leverage capabilities such as enterprise grade security, real-time alerting, cross-cluster search, automated index management, and anomaly detection, to build log analytics and search solutions at the scale and speed you need. With UltraWarm, you can run fast, interactive analytics on up to three petabytes of log data while reducing cost per GB by nearly 90% compared to the hot storage tier.

More scalable and reliable

Amazon OpenSearch Service enables you to store data on a petabyte scale in a single cluster. You can easily query data across multiple clusters, which enables you to analyze all of your data via a single Kibana interface. It is designed to be highly reliable using multi-Availability Zone (AZ) deployments so that you can replicate data between up to three AZs in the same region. There is zero downtime when you make software updates and upgrades or scale your environment.

Secure and compliant

Amazon OpenSearch Service takes care of all security patches and offers network isolation via VPC, fine-grained access control and multi-tenant Kibana support. You can choose to encrypt your data at rest and in flight. Amazon OpenSearch Service is also HIPAA eligible and compliant with PCI DSS, SOC, ISO, and FedRAMP standards to help you meet industry-specific or regulatory requirements.

Common migrations


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Migration tools

If you are looking to move to Amazon OpenSearch Service, we can provide expert advice and tools to re-factor your search or log analytics solution and issue funding and incentives to migrate in a cost-neutral way.

For qualified customers, the Database Freedom Program offers:

  • Expert advice: Guidance through the Proof of Concept (POC) and migration process.
  • Tooling: Hands-on assistance through a combination of the following: AWS Partners or AWS Professional Services.
  • Financial incentives: Funding to accelerate progress at all stages of a migration.


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