Find a vetted AWS partner to help accelerate your security & compliance

We recognize that architecting workloads to meet your security, regulatory, and compliance requirements can be challenging. AWS has subject matter experts with knowledge of the assessment and certification/authorization processes that can help.

The Authority to Operate (ATO) on AWS team provides informal advisory services at no cost for compliance frameworks across healthcare, privacy, national security, financial sectors, and more. Our ATO on AWS Partners help you navigate, automate, and accelerate building compliant workloads on AWS and reduce time and cost. Our team will help you connect with the right Partner for your specific consulting, deployment, and integration needs.


Looking for security and compliance support?

ATO on AWS Benefits

Connect with AWS Partners

The ATO on AWS team helps connect you with the right AWS Partner based on your security and compliance needs.

Reduce cost and time to achieve ATO

Achieve security and compliance authorizations faster with access to AWS subject matter experts, trainings, and pre-built templates to automate manual tasks and manage complex environments at scale.

Global security and compliance acceleration

Identify AWS Partners that can support your customers with their security and compliance needs across the globe. Work with the ATO on AWS team to gain access to subject matter experts globally.

Security solutions for government workloads

Explore Partner offerings to help you secure your workforce and mission critical workloads. Helping you to comply with Zero-Trust and security and compliance requirements.

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