Understand the performance and impact of your customer engagements.

Amazon Pinpoint offers rich analytics related to the performance of your engagement efforts. Metrics on your campaigns and transactional messages allow you to quickly understand historical trends and identify areas of improvement.

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Amazon Pinpoint tracks engagement metrics in real-time, allowing you to instantly identify potential delivery problems and gain quick insights into the types of messages that are producing the desired results.


Rich analytics for the email, push notification, voice, and SMS channels help you quickly compare the relative performance of each channel. Use this data to improve your single channel engagements and optimize your multi-channel approach.


Understand how your customers engaged with your previous campaigns to identify areas of improvement, the types of messages that had the biggest impact, and the channels that were most effective. You can also analyze how campaigns impacted your desired business outcomes. For example, you can see how many purchases were made or actions were taken as a result of the campaign. Learn more about campaign analytics.


Transactional message analytics help you spot potential delivery problems in real-time, optimize the performance of future sends, and understand which messages help you achieve your desired business outcomes. Transactional message analytics include information about the number of messages that were delivered, opened, clicked, as well as those that resulted in bounces or unsubscribes. Learn more about transactional analytics.

Key features

Campaign Analytics

The campaigns analytics page provides you both an overview of all of your active campaigns as well as a drill-down view of each campaign’s performance. Amazon Pinpoint shows you the metrics that are specific to each engagement channel. For example, with SMS campaigns, you see the number of messages that were sent and delivered. For email campaigns, you see the number of messages that were sent, received, opened, clicked, as well as the number of messages that bounced, were reported as spam, or resulted in an unsubscribe. Visit the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide for more information on all campaign analytics.

Transactional Analytics

The Transactional Messaging page contains charts that show you how many transactional emails you've sent. It also includes charts that help you measure your recipients' responses to your transactional emails—that is, the number of messages that were delivered, opened, clicked, or that bounced or were reported as spam. Visit the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide for more information on all transactional analytics.

Data Streaming

You can configure Amazon Pinpoint to stream engagement event data to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams or Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. Then, you can use Kinesis to send engagement data to other AWS services for further analysis, processing, and storage.

Email Analytics

Amazon Pinpoint can capture information about the entire email response funnel, including the numbers of sends, deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and rejections. You can also stream this data using Amazon Kinesis Streams to an Amazon S3 Bucket or an Amazon Redshift database for storage or further analysis.

Push Notification Analytics

Amazon Pinpoint captures detailed metrics about the push notification channel, including campaign delivery metrics, engagement rates, and channel-driven usage metrics such as how many purchases were driven by the push notification campaign. These analytics help you measure the value of your push notification channel, and help you optimize your future push notifications. Visit the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide for more information about push notification channel analytics.

SMS Message Analytics

The SMS analytics dashboard in Amazon Pinpoint helps you compare the number of customers that you targeted against the number who actually received your messages. It also helps you keep track of your monthly SMS spend so that you stay within your budget.

Voice Analytics

Amazon Pinpoint captures detailed metrics about the number of voice calls you've made, the number of calls that failed, and the number of calls that were completed. You can export these metrics to Amazon CloudWatch Logs and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose for storage and additional processing, and then use the data to optimize future voice engagements.

As your call progresses, Amazon Pinpoint provides real time call metrics to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and Amazon CloudWatch Logs. These metrics tell you when a call has been initiated, when it’s ringing, when it’s been answered, when it’s completed, and whether or not the recipient answered. You can use this information to measure the effectiveness of your messages and to optimize your future voice engagements.

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