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Amazon Pinpoint makes it easy to engage your customers by tracking the ways in which they interact with your applications. You can then use this information to create segments based on customer attributes and behaviors, and to communicate with those customers using the channels they prefer, including email, SMS and mobile push. Once the customer conversation has begun, Amazon Pinpoint collects metrics that help you better understand the impact of your communications. You can use these insights to improve the effectiveness of your future campaigns.

With Amazon Pinpoint, you pay only for what you use. There are no upfront contract negotiations, no fixed charges, and no minimum usage fees. Our competitive pricing model lets you start small and scale up as your needs increase.

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Amazon Pinpoint with SMS and Email Messaging

Powerful Segmentation

Collect information about the users of your applications by integrating the AWS Mobile SDK into your application. Amazon Pinpoint will gather information about the ways in which your customers use your applications, as well as information about the devices they use, and any custom attributes that you define.

Powerful Segmentation

Send messages to customers using the communication channels they prefer. You can send email to prospective customers, and send push notifications directly to users of your mobile applications. You can also send text messages to customers in over 200 countries around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Actionable Insights

Amazon Pinpoint runs on the highly reliable Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Multiple datacenters and redundant systems ensure the highest levels of availability.

Multi-Channel Execution

Pay as you go, and pay only for what you use. There are no upfront fees, no fixed expenses, and no minimum charges. Target 1,000 customers, track 100 million app events, and send 1 million push notifications per month for free.

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You can target up to 5,000 users, track up to 100 million mobile application events, and send up to 1 million push messages per month at no charge. To learn more, see Pricing.

Get Started with Amazon Pinpoint