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Founded in 2010, Moderna, Inc. is a biotechnology company pioneering a new class of messenger RNA (mRNA) medicines. Moderna has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider, as well as its standard for analytics and machine learning workloads. 

Moderna has steadily transformed from a discovery-stage biotech company into a commercial-stage biopharma enterprise, developing a diverse portfolio of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics—and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been its trusted cloud services provider throughout the journey. Moderna uses a broad range of AWS services to support every aspect of its digital, data-driven operations, with the goal of reducing the time and cost of bringing new life-saving therapies to market. Moderna has demonstrated the power of its cloud-based strategy in the speed with which it delivered its highly effective COVID-19 vaccine and its capacity to scale production globally. From leveraging on-demand compute power and machine learning (ML) to accelerate discovery and development, to building flexible capacity and real-time analytics into its award-winning, cloud-native manufacturing facility, Moderna leverages the scale, reliability, and performance of AWS to expand the possibilities of its mRNA platform and create a new generation of medicines.

Moderna Therapeutics Delivers mRNA Drugs Faster, at Lower Cost Using AWS


Moderna was founded over a decade ago with the goal of delivering on the promise of mRNA science to create novel medicines for unmet patient needs. The company's therapeutic areas include infectious diseases, immuno-oncology, rare diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune diseases. As of February 2021, Moderna's pipeline includes 24 development programs, with 13 having entered clinical studies.

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Moderna scientist works in lab


The science behind mRNA medicines is advancing at a rapid pace, and building Moderna’s technology platform on AWS gives our scientists the insights, agility, and security they need to continue to lead in the industry.”

Stéphane Bancel
Chief Executive Officer, Moderna

Accelerating COVID-19 Vaccine Development with Marcello Damiani, Chief Digital and Operational Excellence Officer at Moderna


Marcello Damiani, chief digital and operational excellence officer at Moderna, joins Todd Weatherby, vice president of AWS Professional Services Worldwide, for a discussion on developing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, scaling systems to enable global distribution, and leveraging cloud technologies to accelerate processes. Moderna is pioneering a new class of medicines made of mRNA, which holds significant potential to improve the lives of patients.

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AWS Powers Moderna’s Digital Biotechnology Platform to Develop New Class of Vaccines and Therapeutics


Moderna is using AWS to quickly design research experiments and uncover new insights, automate its laboratory and manufacturing processes to enhance its drug discovery pipeline, and more easily comply with applicable laws and regulations during production and testing of vaccine and therapeutic candidates. The company was able to leverage its mRNA platform and manufacturing facility with the AWS-powered research engine to deliver the first clinical batch of its vaccine candidate (mRNA-1273) against COVID-19 to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the Phase 1 trial 42 days after the initial sequencing of the virus.

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Moderna Achieves Speed and Scale by Using AWS Technology

Moderna Achieves Speed and Scale by Using AWS


Dave Johnson, PhD, chief data and artificial intelligence (AI) officer at Moderna, discusses how building on AWS is helping the company achieve its goal of revolutionizing the way diseases are treated with mRNA therapy by providing speed, scale, and insights that can drive the business forward.    

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Modernizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with IoT and AI/ML at Moderna

Moderna, a “born in the cloud” pharma company, used AWS Internet of Things (IoT), AI/ML, and data analytics services to build a connected, intelligent biopharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain environment. Moderna constructed a 200,000-square-foot Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)–compliant manufacturing facility utilizing SAP S/4HANA and AWS services to facilitate a “batch of one,” resulting in an ISPE Facility of the Future Award. 

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AWS re:Invent 2019: Modernizing pharmaceutical manufacturing with IoT and AI/ML

Data Empowers Patients and Providers
ML allows for advancement in healthcare, including cutting-edge therapies tailored to individual patients, as seen with Moderna Therapeutics. By relying on the speed and scale of AWS on demand, Moderna is free to focus on specialized therapies and spend less time monitoring the usage of servers or searching for critical information.
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