What is Embedded Analytics?

What is embedded analytics?

Embedded analytics software enables users to integrate business analytics capabilities into their own applications (e.g., Software-as-a-service) and web portals. This integration empowers users to gain deeper and faster insights through the embedded nature of interactive visualizations and dashboards allowing for easier in depth analysis of data.

Amazon QuickSight customer SOOMLA embedded dashboard example

Why use embedded analytics?

Without embedding capabilities, stand-alone business intelligence tools forces users to switch back and forth between their preferred application and the BI tool in order to access the proper capabilities needed to analyze data and derive insights. This continuous need to sync data from your application to a stand-alone business intelligence solution reduces productivity and the quality and pace of decision making for your organization. Embedded analytics integrates business intelligence capabilities directly into your application, thus empowering users to discover actionable insights without dealing with the complexities of a separate business intelligence tool.

Benefits of embedded analytics

Seamless user experience

Embedded analytics allows for a seamless blend of analytics into your own web portal or application, making it easier for your users to adopt new analytics capabilities and improve their user experience.

Create additional revenue streams

By differentiating product offering, businesses can create additional revenue streams through up selling embedded analytics capabilities to their users. For e.g., an ISV (independent software vendor) that sells manufacturing automation software can embed analytics right within their software, allowing its end-customers to analyze data and gain insights in a secure way on their own data, delivering additional value to the customers.

Deeper insights

Through machine learning and ad-hoc capabilities (e.g., building custom dashboard and reports), embedded analytics allows businesses to self-serve and generate deeper insights for their users.

Types of use cases

Here are a few use cases where an embedded analytics tool will benefit ISVs as well as the program managers and developers at your enterprise.

  1. ISVs adding analytics capabilities within their customized solutions, bettering the overall user experience for the end consumers.
  2. Integrate business intelligence reporting directly into applications business users frequently access, improving the adoption of data analytics capabilities.
  3. Embedded analytics provides the opportunity to share up to date data with not only external vendors and partners but also with end consumers by providing live feeds in your application of choice.

Why choose Amazon QuickSight for embedded analytics?

Amazon QuickSight allows you to quickly embed interactive dashboards and visualizations into your applications without compromising on the ability to personalize the look and feel of these new features. With its serverless architecture, you can automatically scale embedded analytics capabilities from a few to hundreds of thousands of users without the need to build, setup, and manage your own analytics infrastructure. With Amazon QuickSight, you also have access to the power and scale of the AWS Cloud. You get auto scaled, consistent performance no matter the concurrency or scale of the user base, and a truly pay-per-use architecture, meaning you only pay when your users access the dashboards or reports. QuickSight also enables your users to perform machine learning based insights such as anomaly detection, forecasting, and natural language queries, enhancing user ability to derive actionable data driven insights.

Amazon QuickSight enterprise edition now supports anonymous embedding. Anonymous embedding allows any reader to access your embedded dashboard, without provisioning, as long as they can access your application.

Getting started

Ready to get started with embedded analytics? Learn more about how to start delivering deeper data insights with Amazon QuickSight.