Q: What database versions does Amazon RDS for SQL Server support?

Amazon RDS for SQL Server currently supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Information about the supported minor versions is available in the Amazon RDS User Guide.

Q: Which features are supported by RDS for SQL Server?
You can check the list of supported features in the Amazon RDS User Guide.

Q: How does Amazon RDS distinguish between “major” and “minor” versions of SQL Server?

In the context of RDS for SQL Server, version number is typically organized as follows:

SQL Server version = X.Y.Z.A.B

X = Major Database version, Z/A/B = Minor Version

For example, 13.00.2164.0.v1 to 13.00.4001.v1 would be a minor version upgrade while 12.00.5000.0.v1 -> 13.00.2164.0.v1 would be a major version upgrade

We follow Microsoft SQL Server conventions in our version names.

Q: Does Amazon RDS provide guidelines for upgrading engine versions or deprecation of engine versions that are currently supported?

Yes. Please refer to the Amazon RDS FAQs.