“BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. is a European consultancy firm specialized in Cloud Computing, Big Data and API Economy technology and advisory services. BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. provides advanced architecture design and tailored software development that captures all the advantages and innovations of the Amazon Web Services platform.

BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. provides services to medium sized and large enterprises, supporting customers from the first stages of cloud adoption to the deployment of software defined AWS architectures and sophisticated Big Data platforms. Our experience allows us to apply the latest AWS innovations in enterprise-grade applications, maximizing agility and reducing total cost of ownership.

BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. achieved the Big Data Competency for Amazon Web Services in 2013. This capability demonstrates the company’s proficiency and proven success in solutions that involve working with data productively, at any scale, including implementation and migration of analytics workloads, as well as the development and integration of Data Warehousing solutions that cover the end-to-end data flow, from the transformation processes to the reporting platform.

BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. is fully owned by the BBVA Group, one of the largest financial groups in the world.”

“Amazon Redshift really speeds up our Big Data and Business Intelligence analytic processes and queries. Redshift provides our customers access to a fully managed interactive and scalable Business Data Warehouse managed service in a pay-per-use fashion, opening the door to a whole new world of solutions.”

“BBVA Next Technologies S.L.U. deploys Amazon Redshift combined with other AWS services such as Elastic Map Reduce and Kinesys providing to the customers fully functional Big Data platforms integrated with several data sources, specialized NoSQL databases, ETL, visualization and analytic tools. Our architectures often includes Data RESTful APIs to generate new means of revenue from data, or to integrate back with operational applications. Every Big Data platform deployment is tailored for our customers and used to complement or substitute legacy Business Intelligence platforms.”

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