Denodo offers the most innovative data virtualization technology that helps organizations combine data from traditional enterprise data warehouses, modern big data stores, and cloud data sources such as Amazon Redshift along with other forms of streaming, social media, and geospatial data in real-time.

Denodo customers build Logical Data Warehousing architectures, abstracting the data origins and formats to BI and analytic tools. This allows an evolutionary adoption of new technology and also an easy migration of business processes to the cloud minimizing the impact on business applications.

Denodo’s native connectivity with Amazon Redshift and other on-premise and cloud data sources helps companies integrate petabyte-scale data in real-time by leveraging Denodo’s performance optimizer.

Amazon Redshift can also be used as Denodo’s cache. This cache loading capability follows Amazon Redshift recommendations for parallel loading, making the population of the cache as fast as possible. This unique capability to use Amazon Redshift as a cache tremendously accelerates organizations’ cloud modernization journey by allowing insertion of data from any source into Amazon Redshift with a couple of clicks.

Denodo offers a 30-day free trial on AWS Marketplace.




Key use cases:

  • Hybrid Logical Data Warehouse: Integrating on-premises data stores (e.g. traditional on-prem Enterprise Data Warehouses, analytical appliances, databases, etc.) and Amazon Redshift offers a single logical point of access for BI and reporting tools which can access the data seamlessly regardless of where the data is.
  • Acceleration of Cloud Migration: While organizations move their data to Amazon Redshift for a cloud based data warehousing solution, Denodo hides the data origin to the consuming BI and reporting tools, minimizing the impact to business applications during the migration process.
  • Secure Data Access layer in a hybrid environment: Denodo offers organizations the capability to deploy secure hybrid cloud for zero downtime and continued day-to-day operations. The user can manage the security in a single place.

The Denodo Platform for data virtualization offers organizations the ability to not only integrate Amazon Redshift and other cloud and on-premise data sources in real-time, but to securely publish petabyte-scale data across the widest range of reporting and analytical tools through JDBC/ODBC/RESTful/SOAP/OData and many other protocols.

Denodo advanced optimizer pushes down as much processing as possible to Amazon Redshift in order to improve the overall performance. The Denodo connector to Amazon Redshift supports the following features:

  • Native data load to Redshift, making use of the native APIs provided by Redshift allowing the transparent movement of data to Amazon S3.
  • Redshift can be used as a high-performance cache for Denodo in the Cloud and it can also be used as a target in the Denodo data movement optimization mechanism (a.k.a. data shipping to Redshift).
  • Primary keys are introspected and considered internally to design the optimal query plan in every query.
  • Denodo gathers statistics from Redshift. As with primary keys, statistics are very useful to define optimized query plans in the Denodo cost-optimization mechanism.
  • Common query and function delegation are supported for Redshift improving overall performance.

Data Virtualization:

  • Logical abstraction and decoupling
  • Data federation across on-premise and off-premise cloud data
    • Keep data where it is now. Move it to the cloud later or bridge both now with no changes to the data consumer.
  • Semantic integration of structured & unstructured data
  • Unified data governance & security
  • Cross Data Source Dynamic Query Optimizer

Denodo Express provides a seamless way to ease into data virtualization and scale smoothly to experience the full power of the Denodo Platform. Download, install, and begin a first project in 15 minutes or less by following these simple steps:

  1.   Register in the Denodo Community
  2.   Select your Denodo Express installer.
  3.   Download your Denodo Express licence.
  4.   Follow the wizard to complete the installation process
  5.   Complete the step-by-step tutorial available in the Denodo Community and review the videos, documentation and KB sections

Start your free trial now with Denodo Express.

Denodo offers a 30-day free trial on AWS Marketplace. Software pricing is based on your chosen options, such as subscription term and AWS region. Infrastructure prices are estimates only. Final prices will be calculated according to actual usage and reflected on your monthly report. For more details visit Pricing Information.