"iOLAP is a Dallas-based strategic data consultancy specializing in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data strategy and solutions. We are completely focused on these markets and bring a client-centric and business-focused perspective to all of our engagements.

iOLAP has been in business since 1999 with in-depth expertise across all Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technology areas, including the newest leading-edge Business Analytics, Mobile BI, Cloud BI and Big Data architectures. We serve some of the world’s largest companies across all major industries. We employ over 75 full-time employees based in the United States and over 25 full-time staff in our offshore development center in Croatia. All sales and support comes from our centralized offices in Texas and California.

Unlike the expensive, big-name, and general technology consulting companies, we don’t try to do a little of everything. Big Data and Business Intelligence. It’s what we do."

"Amazon Redshift allows us to offer cost-effective Cloud-based solutions for our customers – all delivered with the security and cost advantages of the Cloud. There are many instances where our clients are beginning to look to the Cloud for certain applications within their BI, Analytics and Big Data strategies—and we will be there to help them. We like the disruptive, cost effective options the Cloud can provide—and we believe Amazon Redshift is a solid provider in this new arena."

"iOLAP has worked with some of the nation’s largest enterprises across all industries to support their Data Warehouse implementations and Business Intelligence needs. Our multi-platform expertise and industry-leading best practices make iOLAP uniquely qualified to deliver all your Amazon Redshift-based strategic data needs.

iOLAP can deliver Amazon Redshift consulting and implementation services to provision your systems, prepare your data warehouse environments, monitor and improve performance, manage data integration needs, and provide complete training and implementation support. iOLAP supports clients who are looking for a proof of concept or are wanting to launch all types of business solutions to Amazon Redshift. iOLAP can also help if your goal is to integrate Amazon Redshift with your on-premise infrastructure."


Chris Jordan