"Jinfonet provides JReport, a pure Java reporting solution that delivers business intelligence and visualization solutions. JReport seamlessly embeds into any application through an extensive API set. JReport also provides interactive data visualization with customizable ad hoc reporting and dashboards that empower end users through the Web and mobile devices. JReport is built on a high-performance, scalable, enterprise-ready reporting engine using in-memory cubes and server clustering."

"Amazon Redshift is a fast, petabyte-scale data warehouse service. By integrating with Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS, Jinfonet enables customers to combine Amazon’s managed database and data warehouse services with JReport’s robust self-service and embedding solutions to provide data visualization and reporting. Customers now have the option to run their visualization solutions entirely in an extremely scalable, elastic cloud. JReport already runs on Amazon EC2 and now extends this support to cloud storage with Amazon Redshift as well as Amazon RDS."

"Jinfonet has tested and certified the entire JReport product suite to run with Amazon Redshift and Amazon RDS as data sources. Once a connection is established JReport can immediately begin building embedded or standalone reports and dashboards using data from these Amazon cloud storage services. Analyzing and interacting with the data is extremely intuitive and familiar for new and existing JReport report developers and end users."