"BizAnalytica is system integrator and consulting firm with offices in Massachusetts and Delhi, India bringing expertise and best practices with a focus in Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Predictive Modeling and scale out OLTP database technologies. BizAnalytica's differentiator is the knowledge of internal working of the Big Data products and experience in implementing such technologies in some of the Fortune 100 companies and mid-market in several verticals. We have been part of developing the Big Data product companies and our best practices are unique from anyone in the industry.

Our onshore and offshore combination brings our clients the benefit of getting our un-matched expertise in the world of big data analytics at a very affordable price.

We take pride in our references where we have delivered work and made the projects successful.”

"The team of BizAnalytica has a unique insight into the internals of Redshift as some of the team members were early employees at ParAccel, core components of which are used in Amazon Redshift, and are expert in the service. We know that Amazon Redshift has the best in class processing engine for some of the Big-Data workloads. Amazon Redshift cloud brings a unique value proposition of flexibility and elasticity without giving up performance. We believe that working with Amazon Redshift, we can create an extremely appealing solution for the fast-growing Big Data analytics market. Amazon Redshift is powerful and yet easy to use which can handle large volumes of data – all delivered with the ease of use and cost advantages of the cloud. With our decades of experience in helping customers understanding TCO and we understand that Amazon Redshift value is unmatched for the right use case."

Lokesh Khosla,

"BizAnalytica team members have been working on Amazon Architecture, AWS, Amazon Redshift, EMR, RDS, and other Analytics tools. BizAnalytica can deliver services from provisioning and preparing your environments, optimizing performance, FULLY managed Big Data infrastructure along side training and knowledge transfer."

We can help with you with:

• Proof of Value
• Building prototype
• Migrations from existing technology to the cloud
• Custom Big Data Application development
• Best practices for securing your data in the cloud
• Managing Big Data Infrastructure with guaranteed SLA
• Data Integration
• Advanced Performance Tuning
• Integrating cloud with your current monitoring infrastructure

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