"NorthBay, headquartered in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, has 200 people and has been providing Big Data results to the Global 2,000 and to world-changing startups since 2007.

Our flexible, cost effective and widely deployed solutions typically focus on Mobile, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Education, Ad Tech, SaaS Analytics and Healthcare. Sure, we build technically superior Big Data applications, solutions and products. But our real delivery metric is customer success. And the key to our customers’ success is a relentless drive to transform oceans of data into meaningful, actionable information."

"We like Amazon Redshift because we can quickly create scalable, robust, insightful business applications that:

  • Go from zero to 60 like a jet – We can build, test and deploy solutions in a fraction of the time required by traditional data warehouse solutions.
  • Are Cost effective - Our customers can start immediately without a large up-front software payment. They then have a variety of options to scale and fine-tune allowing a lower cost environment that turns into a competitive difference maker.
  • Are Re-Usable – With it’s roots as a SQL data warehouse and support for standards like ODBC, JDBC connections and Postgres, we can build with what our customers already have in place.
  • Leverage the entire AWS suite – Customers can leverage the full compliment of AWS products and services to apply solutions across their Amazon solution stack."

Brian Barker

"We work with Amazon Redshift (and the AWS toolset) to make it easy for you to:

  • Quickly mine insight and knowledge from your large volumes of data. Amazon Redshift is often the primary warehouse for customer solutions.
  • Provide business leaders and customers with analytics and information to run their business by increasing transparency via visual dashboards and easy to use Big Data analytics BI front-ends (Tableau, open source Saiku/Mondrian, etc), customer web applications and API access to the data.
  • Collect data in-stream that may come from S3 buckets and other heterogeneous sources. Large-scale data ingestion may happen using Redshift bulk loading via copy command or other computationally distributed means. Hadoop, EMR or traditional ETL (both open source and/or commercial tools) are typically employed at this point to process and layer the data into the warehouse.
  • Maintain, evolve and re-purpose data residing in the warehouse for ongoing business needs."

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