"As an AWS Consulting Partner, Uturn teams with our clients to navigate the challenges of data growth while helping build the data management skills needed to improve their businesses. We help build quantitatively-driven business cultures that help our clients consistently outperform the competition. To accelerate time-to-value for Redshift implementations, our clients take advantage of the Uturn Data Engine. The Uturn Data Engine is a flexible, scalable data processing platform that quickly connects you to the value contained within your data. Born in AWS Cloud, the Uturn Data Engine is engineered to adapt to your ever-changing business needs, now and into the future."

  • Big Data solutions aligned to business objectives
  • Advanced analytics platforms to measure and improve your business
  • Data governance and regulatory compliance
  • Chief Data Officer advisory and interim backfill
  • Data and technology diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Data enrichment and quality improvement
  • Business process refinement and DevOps
  • Training and coaching for data and technology-related teams
  • Building a more quantitative business culture
  • Organizational and go-to-market strategies
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