Amazon Rekognition for Influencer Marketing

Reduce the time to find relevant influencers from days to seconds

Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning-based image and video analysis service that can label objects, people, text, scenes, and activities. Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to add visual analysis features with easy to use APIs that don't require any machine learning expertise. Influencer marketing platforms using Rekognition have experienced more accurate search results and a significant decrease in the amount of time it takes to source influencers.

For influencer marketing platforms, quickly and accurately sourcing influencers is difficult when searching against millions of images across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Searching based on text and hashtags can narrow the possibilities, but it only discovers influencers who consistently and accurately use them.

Influencer marketing platforms that use image recognition to label searchable content significantly increase search accuracy and enable users to source influencers within seconds. Image recognition technology analyzes and labels images with search criteria that isn’t available when depending on filtering just for text. For example, searching for an influencer who posts about fitness and running, but doesn’t include the words “fitness” or “running” in their posts (captions, comments, etc.), won’t appear in the search results. Integrating Amazon Rekognition into your influencer marketing platform guarantees that these type of posts won’t be lost in the search results.

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Capture 100% of Posts

Gain More Insights on Influencers

Rather than rely on self-annotated hashtags or mentions, analyze all images and videos objectively with label detection and capture significantly more posts and insights.

Automatic Metadata Extraction

Automatic Metadata Extraction

Automatically extract rich metadata from videos or images including thousands of objects (e.g. bike, phone) and scenes (e.g. beach, city).

Low Cost

Low Cost

Only pay for the number of images you analyze and the data you store. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments.

Featured Customer Quotes

Open Influence's advanced technology solutions and award-winning services allow global brands and agencies to identify relevant influencers based on their campaign objectives, while effectively predicting and monitoring campaign performance.

“We index a colossal amount of social data every day. Through our partnership with Rekognition, we are able to deploy real-time visual search into our existing influencer search engine. This has added incredible value to our business and to our clients. In our first week of use, we ran Rekognition against tens of millions of social images. After running a handful of samples to determine the accuracy of the label detection, we found our confidence level to be extremely high compared to other image recognition platforms we evaluated. Amazon tools allow us to maintain our edge as the technology leader in the influencer marketing space."

- Micky Dionisio, CTO, Open Influence

Influential is a premier AI powered influencer marketplace. Influential eliminates the pain point of identifying influencers by leveraging AI and machine learning to suggest influencers through actionable insights and predictive intelligence.

"In addition to our in-house AI/ML algorithms, we partner with third parties to enrich our datasets in order to better facilitate influencer sourcing. Amazon Rekognition object and scene detection allows us to better segment our influencer population into specific verticals and topics based on what media they post alongside their social media content. By extending our search capabilities beyond just text, we allow for better training of our Brand Match Score, which when combined with Rekognition’s user-friendly tags & labels increase our hit-rate on user queries by over 200%."

- Piotr Tomasik, CTO, Influential

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Incorporating Amazon Rekognition into your influencer marketing platform is simple. You can pass image bytes to a Rekognition Image operation or reference an existing Amazon S3 object. Learn more »

Integrate Rekognition Labels with Influencer Marketing Platform

Integrate Rekognition labels with influencer marketing platform

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