CSS Corp is a global Technology Solutions Provider to enterprises, technology companies, and consumers, backed by leading financial institutions including SAIF partners, Goldman Sachs, and Sierra Ventures. Employing a staff of more than 5,000, CSS is headquartered in San Jose, California, with a strong presence in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

In developing their original platform, Support Minds, CSS was successful in creating consumer support services directly for end customers who were initially receiving support from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or product owners. Working off this success, CSS partnered with 4D Global Partners, LLC to offer CSS’s tech support, parental control, defragmentation, disk clean up, and support map services under Tech Support For Dummies (TSFD), to be delivered as a customer-installation application framework through remote support, chat support, web ticketing, and voice support. Tech Support For Dummies aims to be a one-stop tech support answer for security and connectivity issues, enabling customers to create a web case, schedule a call with tech support executives, directly call a tech support assistance helpline, receive tech support through real-time chat, and receive tech support through remote desktop support.

Because CSS is growing rapidly and has variability in demand, forecasting business growth is challenging. The company needed to implement a solution in a cost-effective way. 

CSS analyzed a variety of options before selecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a solution provider. “We identified AWS as a partner flexible enough to meet our needs while providing the added benefit of transferring our infrastructure to cloud,” says CSS Evangelist Arun Velayudham.

CSS uses a variety of AWS to implement these tools, including the following:

The diagram below demonstrates how AWS is incorporated in the CSS architecture:

CSS Corporation Architecture Diagram

Figure 1: CSS Corporation Architecture Diagram

Using AWS has provided CSS with fllexibility in both cost and service management. "Using AWS ishelping us extend our service offerings to our customers," Velayudham says.

CSS saves substantial time to market with AWS, eliminating the time investment of raising a request for a server, purchasing it from a vendor, and setting it up in the CSS environment. “If we compare ourselves with another project of the same size, we are able to deliver our service 30 to 40 percent faster,” Velayudham says.

CSS cites numerous success stories as a result of using AWS:

  • Successful implementation of agile development methodology in delivering services to customers 
  • Segmentation of resources mapping the services offered by AWS 
  • Successful implementation of Java Open Single Sign-On (JOSSO) 
  • Reverse proxy and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using Apache on both Windows and Linux platforms 
  • SQL server replication in the cloud is backed up in Amazon S3 for disaster recovery

“The migration of applications from our datacenter to AWS is a painless process that meets the availability and scalability requirements of our customers,” says Velayudham.

For more information about how AWS can help you with your business applications, see our Business Applications page:  http://aws.amazon.com/business-applications/.