Democratizing Knowledge with an Innovative Virtual Assistant Using AWS with Empolis

"Because we were able to address this generative AI use case so quickly using AWS, our customers have a lot of confidence in our abilities.”

Eric Brabaender
Chief Product Officer, Empolis


Have you ever searched through a manual to find the solution to a problem, but you felt like you were looking for a needle in a haystack? Well, you’re not alone. That’s why Empolis used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop a virtual assistant – known as the Empolis Buddy – powered by large language models on Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models, to help companies streamline information retrieval.

“With the emergence of transformer models and especially large language models, we identified an opportunity to enhance our products with this new technology,” says Eric Brabaender, chief product officer at Empolis.

Creating a Virtual Assistant with Advanced Search Capabilities Using AWS
German artificial intelligence (AI) software company Empolis specializes in AI use cases, providing cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that aid companies in business decision-making. To extend the capabilities of its existing knowledge-management SaaS products, the company looked to the burgeoning space of generative AI.
Together with its customer KUKA, a global supplier of intelligent automation solutions, Empolis formulated a proof of concept for a generative AI assistant in April 2023. “KUKA had previously used our product to build a solution that gives end users access to product information,” says Brabaender. “We realized we could elevate this use case with large language models and brought that idea to AWS.”
Working closely alongside KUKA and the AWS Prototyping and Cloud Engineering team, Empolis used Amazon Bedrock to build the product. The generative AI assistant Empolis Buddy can access and query millions of documents, such as standard operating procedures and manufacturing manuals. This ability helps users learn more about their machinery, troubleshoot problems faster, and prevent operational issues.
Boosting Productivity with Generative AI Chat-Based Interactions
In addition to its advanced search capabilities, Empolis Buddy has a chat-based component. Through a unique combination of Empolis knowledge-graph technology and AWS generative AI services for information search and synthesis, the chatbot helps reduce the time it takes users—whether customer support centers or frontline operators—to find the information they need.
“Using AWS, we gained expertise and insights on how to use the infrastructure and how to use large language models,” says Brabaender. “Combining this with our strengths at Empolis at finding the right information made this project run smoothly.”

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