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Gupshup Accelerated Operational Efficiency with Support from AWS Enterprise Support

Hitesh Sharma, principal infrastructure engineer at Gupshup, discusses how Gupshup uses AWS Enterprise support as it expands business rapidly.

Gupshup, a leading conversational messaging platform for industry verticals like commerce, marketing, and support, has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its cloud provider, leveraging the agility, scalability, and innovation to create new possibilities. However, rapid expansion while maintaining performance demands deep technical expertise. To address this, Gupshup has collaborated with the AWS Enterprise Support team that played a crucial role in its growth.

Through the technical account manager (TAM) and the wider AWS Account Team, Gupshup gained access to expertise for identifying cost savings, addressing operational issues,  and leveraging AWS Countdown to scale 3 times to support additional traffic during the busy period.

As Gupshup rapidly expanded its customer engagement platform across regions, consultations from AWS Enterprise Support and account teams helped this growth by providing insights aligned with Gupshup's evolving needs. This collaboration helped Gupshup shape a scalable platform supporting its growth while optimizing performance and costs, a key factor in Gupshup's success and continued innovation.


AWS Enterprise Support has played a vital role in supporting Gupshup's cloud infrastructure expansion by offering technical guidance and expertise to enhance performance, availability, innovation, and cost optimization. This collaboration has been crucial for Gupshup, enabling to scale our operations efficiently and effectively."

Hitesh Sharma
Principal Infrastructure Engineer at Gupshup

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