Propeller Health Leverages AWS to Help Patients Manage Respiratory Disease


Propeller Health is a leading digital health company dedicated to the management of chronic respiratory disease. Propeller Health develops a digital health platform, Propeller, that improves outcomes for people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and allows providers to monitor their patients remotely, stratify patients based on risk, and make data-driven decisions on treatment.

Propeller is made up of a small, custom-built sensor that attaches to a patient’s existing inhaler and connects to their smartphone via Bluetooth. Propeller senses when a patient takes their medication, then delivers insights and reminders to the Propeller app on their phone. Propeller also communicates with the patient’s provider via a Provider Portal, which shows how patients are doing and which may need intervention.

According to Greg Tracy, co-founder and CTO at Propeller Health, leveraging services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps the company offload certain tasks so it can focus on its patients. Propeller Health applies machine learning with solutions such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Redshift, along with its infrastructure built on AWS, to give patients a forecast of their health based on local weather conditions, recent medication use, and other factors.

With AWS, Propeller Health has scaled to more than 100,000 patients across three continents. “By standardizing our machine learning workloads on AWS, our data scientists and engineers can focus on their goal of helping patients. Thanks to Amazon SageMaker, we can speed up our pace of innovation, easily building and deploying disease models. Our patients benefit from our velocity and agility in deploying new features that give them better outcomes,” says Tracy.

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