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Optimize your Customer Experience with Amazon Connect and APN Partner Solutions

Improve your customer experience and contact center efficiency with pre-integrated solutions and pre-defined consulting services from APN Partners with validated capabilities.

The contact center solutions showcased here are part of Solution Space, an AWS website that includes secure and scalable customer solutions that combine AWS services with technologies from APN Partners.

Introducing Amazon Connect
Roadside assistance: Service scenario


Anticipate and respond to your customers' needs by using Amazon Connect and its AI-powered self-service capabilities in combination with solutions from APN Partners with validated Amazon Connect capabilities, and improve customer satisfaction by delivering personalized customer experiences in time-critical scenarios.

Mobile upgrade: Sales scenario


Increase revenue by using Amazon Connect combined with APN Partner solutions to improve the purchase experience of your customers on the phone and on the web. Watch this short video to learn how you can deliver such satisfying experiences cost-effectively, not next month or next year, but today.

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Amazon Connect was designed to easily integrate with a host of AWS services and technology providers, enabling you to augment the capabilities of your Amazon Connect contact center to perfectly suit the unique goals and needs of your business. As a result, your contact center can be agile and efficient, while also arming your sales and customer service teams with substantially more information and context than in the past.

  • Sales and Service
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Speech Analytics
  • Fraud Detection
  • Messaging
  • Sales and Service
  • contact-center-sales-service-usecase-icon-solutionspace

    Implementing a sales and service engagement solution with AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners and AWS enables you to modernize and optimize your customer engagements. Customer engagement solutions on AWS combine the benefits of having a unified view of customer interactions with the efficient, self-service capabilities of Amazon Connect.

    Aria Solutions Toolkit for Salesforce and Amazon Connect

    Rapidly deploy sophisticated contact center capabilities.
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    Customer Support with Freshdesk and Amazon Connect

    Collaborate across teams to resolve customer issues faster.
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  • Workforce Optimization
  • contact-center-use-case_workforce-optimization-icon-solutionspace

    APN Partners complement and extend that capabilities of your Amazon Connect contact center by helping you manage resources and processes throughout your organization.

    Verint Workforce Optimization

    Drive workforce productivity and operational efficiency across your organization.
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  • Speech Analytics
  • contact-center-use-case_Call-Speech-Analytics-icon-solutionspace

    Make every customer interaction a positive one by learning a little bit more about what your customers want from each interaction they have with your brand over the phone. Speech analytics solutions from APN Partners integrate with your Amazon Connect contact center to help your marketing and sales teams determine what efforts, processes, and strategies work best.

    Voicebase Speech Recognition and Analytics

    Gain insights with API-powered speech transcription and analytics.
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    DialogTech Speech Recognition and Analytics

    Optimize markeitng efforts and improve the customer sales journey.
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  • Fraud Detection
  • contact-center-use-case_Fraud-Detection-icon-solutionspace

    Contact centers can be the target of fraudulent activity. Fraud detection solutions from APN Partners can help you protect your Amazon Connect contact center from fraudulent activity and minimize the impact of fraud on your organizations. 

    Pindrop Fraud Detection

    Reduce call center fraud and improve customer authentication.
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  • Messaging
  • contact-center-use-case_Messaging-icon-solutionspace

    As your customers grow more accustomed to doing the majority of their daily tasks on their mobile devices, you’ll want to keep up with the pace of change. By integrating a modern messaging solution from an APN Partner with your Amazon Connect contact center, you’ll be able to engage with your customers the way they want to engage. 

    Webtext messaging with Amazon Connect

    Incorporate versatile messaging capabilities.
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Discover consulting and managed services offers that can help you achieve your business needs with APN Consulting Partners that have validated consulting capabilties with Amazon Connect.

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  • Migrate to Cloud
  • Managed Services

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