Security and Compliance

Strengthen application and infrastructure security for financial services

Security on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a shared responsibility, and the requirements for a safe cloud environment are unique for each customer. As organizations of all sizes migrate to AWS, it is crucial that they are able to identify their security needs and ensure that their cloud environments are prepared to identify threats and potential vulnerabilities.

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An enterprise-class security and analytics environment can deliver complete visibility into application traffic, which can help security teams by enforcing policy-based control and prevention of known and unknown threats as well as identifying the root causes to make informed decisions on how to remediate an issue.

Cavirin Security Solution on AWS

Build your “First Line of Defense” with easy, one-click policies.

Datadog Application Monitoring

Monitor your applications for easy migration to the cloud without delays or incidents.

AON Pathwise

Financial modelling made fast and easy with Aon's managed service
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Behavox Surveillance & Compliance

Solution to monitor electronic and voice communications to create a system-of-record
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Palo Alto Networks Evident

API-driven cloud service that integrates with DevOps, SecOps and risk/compliance tools
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Palo Alto Networks VM-Series

Virtualized firewall provides security to accelerate the financial sector’s adoption of AWS
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Moody’s Analytics Solution

Respond to AnaCredit and other granular regulatory reporting demands
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WireWheel Solution

Manage a comprehensive data privacy and compliance program from a central, easy-to-use platform
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DevSecOps practices integrate security directly into development workflows to enhance application protection with very little effort. By automating the deployment of AWS security best practices for applications, you can enable continuous deployments and more easily meet compliance standards.

DevSecOps Strategy Accelerator

Strengthen application and infra security through the adoption of DevSecOps approaches and tooling.

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Automate Security & Compliance for Cloud by Slalom

Deliver secure, compliant, and agile orchestration by utilizing enterprise-grade infrastructure as code, while also fostering innnovation and realizing cost savings.

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Trade & Reg Reporting

Cloud-based data aggregation, reporting and analytics solution

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Continuous Compliance

Enable real-time monitoring and remediation recommendations

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