Contino DevSecOps Accelerator on AWS

Enabling speed and safety on AWS

Contino’s DevSecOps Strategy Accelerator provides a comprehensive security- and compliance-enhancing roadmap for strengthening business critical applications and infrastructure. Contino helps financial services enterprises with a three-step process to improve, integrate, and enable security and compliance at every stage of the cloud adoption journey. This approach breaks down walls between your security and compliance teams, allowing large organizations to protect high-value assets and secure personally identifying information found in financial systems.

Our goal is to identify specific and actionable steps that your organization can take in order to:

  • Improve the security of your application code and infrastructure platforms, while upskilling Application Development, Operations, Security, and Compliance teams.
  • Integrate security processes earlier into the development lifecycle, where security fixes are cheaper and easier to apply, and where security is more effectively achieved.
  • Enable your teams with software automation, application and infrastructure introspection and monitoring, and continuously converging security tools. This focus on security, compliance, and governance reduces the drag on delivery speed and agility.

Contino is an APN Premier Consulting Partner and an AWS Financial Services Competency partner.

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    Offerings Highlights

    • Enhance Threat Identification: Continuous scanning, state convergence, and behavioral and heuristic scanning reduces the likelihood and blast radius of a breach.
    • Compliant and Secure by Design: By detecting, prioritizing, and fixing security and compliance issues earlier and continuously during the development phase, risk is minimized, isolated, or eliminated.
    • Improve Incident Response: Programmatic isolation of compromised systems and components increases the speed of recovery and provides a safe platform for financial transactions and personally identifiable information.

    Key Deliverables

    • DevSecOps Maturity Report: Key themes, observations, and a gap analysis between current and desired DevSecOps maturity and comparison against industry peers.
    • Roadmap: A detailed strategy for adoption, including a report prioritizing existing backlog and opportunities for improvement across complex, multi-business unit organizational structures.
    • DevSecOps Business Case: A high‐level business case to enable DevSecOps and transformation that is targeted to executive stakeholders.
  • Work with an APN Partner
  • Work with the APN Partner

    Contino, an APN Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Financial Services Competency holder, can help you discover value from this offering. Follow this link to find more about the Contino consulting services and to request more information or support.


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