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Migrate Oracle workloads to AWS with speed and security

Technical solution validated by AWS

Version1 Oracle to AWS offering can accelerate deployment on AWS

Oracle users in financial institutions consider licensing, support, and security when moving their Oracle environments to AWS and want to know where to start. Version 1 has developed a unique methodology and optimized reference architecture so financial institutions can take an efficient, secure, stable, and agile approach to cloud migration.

A Version 1 migration of Oracle to AWS is a collaborative process that typically starts with discovery to understand the current position and then, optimization to determine the migration roadmap and project scope. Finally, a technology pilot with tightly defined deliverables will build confidence, knowledge, and skills, while ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements.

Version 1 is a Premier Consulting Partner and has achieved both AWS Oracle and Migration Competencies. Competency Partners have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success.

Offering highlights

Version 1 delivers the expertise and tools to ease your migration from Oracle to AWS

Collaborate with Version 1 Oracle Solution Architects and license experts to analyze your current Oracle estate for efficient and safe migration to the AWS cloud

Use the automated Version 1 Oracle Reference Architecture to accelerate your cloud adoption journey with a pilot migration

Consult with automation engineers to customize your target estate to fit with corporate and regulatory requirements

Build migration squads with Version 1 experts across the broad range of Oracle technologies

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