Success in the pitch room starts with serverless.

Learn how AWS serverless architecture for startups empowers you to build, iterate, and scale faster.

Deloitte compares the total cost of ownership (TCO) of serverless technologies to the traditional cloud. Download the guide to learn more about cost savings with a serverless-first architecture.

Launch Faster

Successful teams focus on big ideas - not managing servers.

Ideas happen fast at your startup. Accelerate your speed to market with AWS Serverless by spending more time on building your intellectual property instead of managing servers. AWS Serverless will handle your cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning so you can focus on building what matters most.

“Stedi helps businesses offload and automate as much of the B2B transaction process as possible, and we’ve been able to find similar benefits by leveraging a serverless-first approach for our architecture. Using AWS’s offerings, we’ve built a system that is designed to scale ad infinitum with minimal toil.”
Zack Kanter, CEO, Stedi


Faster features mean faster funding.

Time is critical. Transform an idea into a product market fit faster by speeding up release cycles. With a modular serverless-first design, pivot features based on real-time user feedback to accelerate product success. You can easily remove pieces when the architecture no longer fits for the purpose for which it was originally designed without losing valuable time to market.

“It’s been great to have services like AppSync, Amplify, Lambda, and DynamoDB that work together to take a lot of the development time off our plates. We love these architectural models and didn’t see them in other offerings in the market.”
- Steve Lekas, Co-Founder & CEO, Branch Insurance

Empower Nimble Teams

Your product is only as agile as your team.

Your smallest teams need the agility to make a huge impact. Serverless architecture for startups gives your team the flexibility and autonomy to move as fast as possible by writing and deploying code updates independently - there are no longer single points of failure. Using automated release pipelines, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), teams can rapidly test and release code with minimal errors.

“With AWS, we are discovering new ways of learning and experimenting, which is key for engineers and leads to high employee retention. Previously, we were averaging three weeks to launch one big feature, whereas now our developers are empowered to conduct small releases daily, with less than a 1 percent failure rate.”
- Doni Hanafi, CTO, Bridestory 


Investors want added value, not idle resources.

Lean operations are critical to the success of a startup. Given constant pressure to reduce costs, every tech investment needs to pull its weight. With an automated pay-for-what-you-use pricing model, serverless infrastructure ensures costs stay proportional to your business from your initial product build to scaling, and beyond. 

“Investors expect that your company is doing things in a modern and scalable way. Embracing serverless technology helps check that box. It gives our investors confidence that they're not just buying a legacy platform that's been migrated to the cloud.”
-Greg Steel, CIO, XINJA

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Serverless Application Patterns for Startups

We know that in the pitch, results mean more than jargon on a screen. Get started with these common serverless frameworks.
  • Web Application
  • Web Application

    Learn how to build and deploy a serverless React web application with user authentication, a database, and storage in under an hour with AWS Amplify. AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that enables mobile and front-end web developers to build full stack, serverless applications, powered by AWS. With Amplify, it’s easy to create custom on-boarding flows, develop voice-enabled experiences, build AI-powered real-time feeds, launch targeted campaigns, and more.

  • Data Processing
  • Data Processing

    Learn how to build infrastructure to process real-time data streams without managing servers. In this tutorial, we will use a variety of AWS services including: Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Cognito, and Amazon Athena. We’ll use Lambda to process real-time streams, Dyanmo DB to persist data, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics to build a serverless application to aggregate data, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to archive the raw data to Amazon S3, and Athena to run ad-hoc queries against the raw data.

  • AI/ML
  • AI/ML

    Learn how to build, test, and deploy your Amazon SageMaker inference models to AWS Lambda. When using AWS Lambda’s architecture, you can take advantage of lower cost, event triggering, seamless scalability and spike requests. For example, when your model is small and not often invoked, it may be cheaper to use AWS Lambda.

  • Third Party Integration
  • Third Party Integration

    Build an automated knowledge repo with Amazon EventBridge and Zendesk. Learn how to implement a bidirectional event orchestration pattern between AWS services and an Amazon EventBridge third-party integration partner. This example uses support ticket events to build a customer self-service knowledge repository. It uses the EventBridge partner integration with Zendesk to accelerate the growth of a customer help center.

  • Decoupled Microservices
  • Decoupled Microservices

    Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development where software is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. These services are owned by small, self-contained teams. Microservices architectures make applications easier to scale and faster to develop, enabling innovation and accelerating time-to-market for new features.

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